Asymmetrical PvP Survival Title Don’t Even Think Becomes an Early Success

Perfect World Games and Dark Horse Studio are thrilled to announce the early success of the just-released asymmetrical PvP survival title Don’t Even Think. Since it’s launch the developers have received feedback from fans which has allowed them to plan for improvements to deliver a better gaming experience for fans. “We’re thankful for the support and feedback we’ve received so far from players,” said Zheng Yu “our team has been paying constant attention to players’ voices and we’re committed to delivering the best gaming experience we can to them.” The development team has also announced that updates are planned for the game’s tutorial, character movement, game control, grouping, werewolf balance and other tuning based off of player feedback.

Having just released last week, Don’t Even Think has found popularity among fans reaching over 150,000 downloads. As a free-to-play title, Don’t Even Think blends survival and battle royale elements and gives players the choice of playing on the side of humans or werewolves. Each side presents players with different advantages and disadvantages while also delivering different win conditions depending on which side players opt to play as.

Dont even think

In order to provide better gameplay for both sides, Dark House Studio will be implementing changes to both based off of player feedback. As a means to assist players in the challenges of surviving while playing as a human, resources are being relocated to more reasonable areas to better ensure players’ survival during the early stages of the match. To further balance gameplay for players the strength of werewolf skills will be lessened in order to provide a more even playing field.

In addition to balancing updates, a new tutorial system is planned to help new players gain a more comprehensive understanding of the gameplay mechanics without affecting the player’s initial combat experience. To bring a smoother and more robust experience for players using firearms the developers have planned to improve the aiming and shooting of weapons as well as adding more firearm options for players.

Perfect World and Dark Horse Studio have also planned additional functions and content to bring more strategic gameplay and unique experiences for players. The option for players to invite friends to their party is planned as well as additional maps and characters.

Players can experience the human vs werewolf battle in Don’t Even Think by downloading the game for free on the Playstation store.

Dont Even

A list of features includes:

  • Asymmetrical competitive PvP gameplay
  • Choose to play as a human or werewolf
  • Gather resources or mark enemies to ensure your survival
  • Stave off the cold as a human in warmer shelters while fighting off attacking werewolves
  • Smartly hunt clustered humans as a werewolf to stop them escaping
  • Fight off werewolves and enemy human teams in order to escape on the rescue helicopter with limited space
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