Audio-Technica to Exhibit New Gaming Headsets, Streaming/Podcasting Mic Packs, and a Wide Range of Headphones at PAX West 2019

At PAX West 2019 Audio-Technica will be exhibiting a wide range of gaming headsets, streaming/podcasting microphone packages, wireless and wired headphones and other gaming-friendly products. It’ll all be showcased at PAX West 2019 at the Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA, Booth 7002, August 30 — September 2, 2019.

Three active gaming areas will allow attendees to try out Audio-Technica’s gaming headsets in real-time PC and console playing environments. An area for streaming audio will have a selection of microphones including “live” setups with headphones where show-goers will be able to hear the mics first-hand.

Audio-Technica will also have headphones, wearables and other merchandise for sale at the show.

Highlights of the Audio-Technica products on exhibit at PAX West 2019 include the following:

Taking design inspiration from the company’s industry-standard ATH-M50x pro audio headphones, Audio-Technica’s new ATH-G1WL wireless and ATH-G1 gaming headsets deliver powerful, spacious audio quality and crystal-clear in-game voice communication. Both headsets’ lightweight design allow gamers to enjoy even long playing sessions in total comfort.


The wired ATH-G1 (SRP: US$169.00) is compatible with computers, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and any platform with a 3.5 mm headset connector. It features specially tuned large-diameter 45 mm drivers to bring studio-quality sound to game audio. Its highly directional detachable boom mic delivers exceptional voice clarity while rejecting ambient noise and keyboard clicks.


The wireless ATH-G1WL (SRP: $249.00) adds stable, lag-free wireless connectivity, a long 15 hours of battery life and a virtual surround sound function for an even more immersive 3D audio gaming experience. Its wireless USB transceiver ensures compatibility with computers.

The premium ATH-AG1X closed-back and ATH-ADG1X open-back high-fidelity gaming headsets (SRP: US$299.00 each) deliver a spacious sonic environment that draws participants completely into the playing field. The headsets feature 53 mm large-diameter drivers for impactful sound and include a gooseneck microphone with volume control.

The BPHS1 Broadcast Stereo Headset (US$199.00) was developed for professional use, yet its natural, focused audio reproduction, noise-isolating closed-back design, high-output gooseneck-mounted dynamic microphone and rugged design make it ideal for gaming as well.

Now anyone can convert their favorite headphones into a full-fledged gaming headset, thanks to Audio-Technica’s ATGM2 detachable boom microphone (US$79.00), which easily attaches to any headphones and adjusts for optimal positioning.


Gaming and streaming go hand in hand and Audio-Technica will showcase a selection of streaming/podcasting packages that include a microphone, adjustable boom arm, headphones, cables and accessories — everything needed for content creators in a complete easy to use setup. Models include the AT2035PK with XLR mic (US$199.00), AT2020USB+PK with USB mic, (US$199.00), AT2020PK with XLR mic (US$149.00) and the AT2005USBPK with USB/XLR connectivity (US$129.00).

Audio-Technica’s wireless headphones combine high-quality Bluetooth audio with cord-free convenience and superior value. The QuietPoint ATH-ANC500BT (SRP:US$99.00) features 40 mm drivers for clear, detailed audio reproduction and ANC (active noise cancellation) circuitry to attenuate outside noise. The ATH-ANC500BT’s controls and mic are built into the earcup for convenient handling of volume adjustment and phone calls. It offers up to 20 hours of use on a full charge and can also be used in wired mode.


Other headphones on exhibit at PAX West 2019 will include the over-ear ATH-M50xBT (US$199.00), the wireless version of the company’s acclaimed ATH-M50x professional monitor headphones (US$149.00), the wireless ATH-SR30BT (US$99.00) plus the ATH-M40x (US$99.00). In-ear wireless models on hand will include the QuietPoint noise-cancelling ATH-ANC100BT (US$99.00) and the Sonic Sport ATH-SPORT50BT (US$69.00), both of which come with XS, S, M and L eartips and offer powerful sound for gaming and other listening.

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