Awesome Ways To Pimp Out Your Gaming Room

Having a space dedicated for playing video games is a dream for many avid gamers. With more than 227 million individuals in the US playing video games one to a few hours per week, having a gaming room or den has become a necessity since it enhances one’s playing experience. Moreover, it can bring people together as an entire family or a group of friends can enjoy the room to decompress after a long day at school or work. If you already have a gaming setup at home, adding a few things enables you to make the most out of it, making it a more enjoyable place to spend your downtime. Here are some awesome ways to pimp out your gaming room.

Create a Mini Snack and Beverage Station

With a bit of space and some funds, anyone can build a simple gaming room with some basic equipment, such as a PC setup, a smart TV, and a console. However, if you want to create the ultimate gaming space, you’ll need to consult an interior designer that specializes in gaming rooms or check out unique ideas for gaming room setup. To bring your dream gaming experience to reality, it can be as simple as adding ambient lighting with recessed lights or wall sconces, or it can be as elaborate as going with a particular theme and building your game room around it.

Once you’ve got a setup, add a few things that can enhance comfort and enjoyment, such as a mini snack and beverage station. For those with limited space, consider getting a utility kitchen cart with wheels, then set it up according to your snack preferences. For instance, if you love coffee, place a coffee maker, a few cups, and jars of coffee creamer and sugar on the top part of the cart. The second tier can hold cookies, crackers, and a few chips, while the last tier can be filled with paper towels, saucers, and other utensils. Meanwhile, for those who love drinking cold beverages while gaming, a mini fridge could be an important addition to a gaming room. Pick a mini fridge that matches your room’s color scheme to maintain a cohesive aesthetic.

Have a Lounging Area

Apart from your gaming chair, you’ll need to have additional places where you and your family members can hang out or watch while others are playing video games. Consider creating a lounging area in your gaming room. A small L-shaped couch can provide space for 3 to 4 people while placing oversized floor cushions on a fluffy rug can encourage people to sprawl out and relax. If you want to splurge, install a few theater-style recliners so you can turn your gaming room into a home theater. It’s a good move, especially if you frequently watch movies on your gaming screen.

Add Some Old-School Arcade Games

For a family-friendly gaming room, consider adding some old-school arcade games into your space. Check out eBay for vintage arcade machines, and have at least two in your gaming room. You can select from a wide variety of old-school games, such as Galaga, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, or Mortal Kombat.

A gaming room can be a great way to make use of extra space in your home. Consider these tips to pimp out your gaming room so you can have the perfect place to play and hang out with your favorite people.

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