Barn Finders with a successful Kickstarter campaign!

Over 1300 players supported the newest project from Duality Games Studio, which raised 22,000 CAD on Kickstarter. First part of the game called Barn Finders: The Pilot is available on Steam starting today.

It took 4 days for Barn Finders to reach the required threshold of 10,000 CAD. Finally, the campaign ended with 22,016 CAD, exceeding the initial amount by approx. 220%. Barn Finders received a lot of positive feedback from the players and those, who got early access to the game left many valuable comments for the developers.

We got a lot of feedback on the version of the game we shared with our supporters on Kickstarter. Every exceeded goal gave us a lot of motivation to keep on going – says Michał Szewerniak from Duality Games.

Barn Finders, a video game strongly influenced by a popular reality show, will take players to abandoned barns that conceal many more or less valuable objects. The campaign takes place in a fictional country of Ammeryka. Players will take on a role of a trader and run a store with shelves full of items found in the game.

However, searching for abandoned barns is only the beginning. Players will need to sell at a profit the items they acquired, in order to stay in business and gain new customers. However, some places will be accessible only after placing a blind offer and the competitors will be unforgiving. Auctions will be held in unique locations, which not even the most professional auctioneers have dreamt of. How about an old military base or MIKKO’s super-secret bases? Keep in mind that bidding may be risky – you can either get rich or end up with nothing…

Barn Finders

What will be added after the end of the campaign?

Thanks to the support of players and funds raised during the campaign, developers will be able to implement and expand some of the features in the game. They will improve the story mode, maps and also 3 Bid Wars events – special events consisting of crazy auctions, just like in the popular TV shows. The newest trailer of Bid Wars event is already available!

The developers also plan on adding new features to the gameplay, such as:

  • more items to customize and more ways of customization
  • MIKKO catalogue – list of items available to obtain in game
  • 2 new maps
  • 3 new characters

Barn Finders 1

The first part of Barn Finders: The Pilot will be available now!

The next step for Barn Finders is an open release of a part of the game called Barn Finders: The Pilot that launches on Steam today.

– For us, the end of the Kickstarter campaign means increasing our focus on finishing the title, as well as implementing all of the features – thanks to the raised funds and players’ comments. We hope we will get even more feedback, once the new part of the game is released on Steam – adds Michał Szewerniak.

Barn Finders 2

Key features of the game:

  • different locations – 12 areas where you will be able to search for new items for your store
  • own business – you will run a family store, prepare all of the items for sale and gain new customers
  • MIKKO workshop – repair broken items before you sell them
  • upgrade system – expand and customize your store
  • engaging bids – auctions in a form of a mini-game

The game is being published by Duality Games and PlayWay.

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