Battle Crypto Industry Icons in Old School 2D Inspired Fighting Game CryptoArena

Do you harbor a burning desire to exact revenge on the swindlers who tricked you into investing your life savings in cryptocurrencies and platforms that ultimately failed?

While you may never recover your funds, you can at least channel your anger by beating them up in CyberArena’s latest mini-game – CryptoArena.

In the game’s initial release, players have the option of selecting from a variety of characters, including Alski, BitMan, Broken Arrow, CE Finance, Diamond Hex, DogeLord, Dont Kwon, GOAT, Michael Pilot, Sammy Bahamas, Satoshi, VitalEth.

CryptoArena enables players to become their favorite crypto icons as they progress through stages, using superpowers that reflect their characters’ real-life skills to pummel their opponents.

Get in shape while taking on enemies as BitMan. Use the persuasive power of Diamond Hex to verbally assault and subdue opponents before shaking it off into the sunset. Play as Michael Pilot and use laser eyes to defeat adversaries with ease.

This free-to-play mini-game showcases the abilities and talents of the star-studded development team behind CyberArena before the full game’s launch, scheduled for later this year.

About Imperium Games

Imperium Games is a large gaming studio that specializes in motion pictures and has recently transitioned from Web2 to Web3. They’ve created Triple-A games like The Witcher, Battlefield 3, Mad Max, and Star Wars – Rebellion. The Imperium studio has also produced 15 independent PvP games with over 30 million downloads and more than 150,000 active daily players.

Nikola Paunovic, Imperium’s CEO, remarked, “We migrated to Web3 during the bear market’s depths and noticed that the more intense the competition and tribalism became between rival crypto communities, the worse things got. So we wanted to capture the industry’s spirit while showcasing some of the features gamers can expect in the full game.”

A Unique Web3 Experience

CryptoArena is unlike any other Web3 game you’ve played before, and the numbers speak for themselves. Within a week of the game’s release, players have competed in over 100,000 matches and created over 15,000 accounts.

CyberArena boasts cutting-edge graphics, intuitive gameplay, and outstanding performance, all while providing players with the therapeutic benefit of unleashing their frustrations on digital versions of their adversaries.

But don’t just take our word for it – try it for yourself. It’s free and available now at

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