Battlecursed Dungeon Crawls onto Steam Early Access Today

Coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 in Q3 2018

Codex Worlds’ Battlecursed, a dungeon crawler with roguelike elements in which a single player directs a four-hero party through real-time first-person battles, hits Steam Early Access today. An Xbox One, Playstation 4, and full PC release is planned for Q3 2018.

As parties traverse Battlecursed’s generated labyrinths, they must dispatch hordes of menacing enemies, carefully coordinating the strengths and weaknesses of all four party members. Only through strategic use of each hero and his or her abilities will the group reach the maze’s cavernous depths.

Players can select from a range of classes, including the supportive Cleric, the storm-wielding Elementalist, the tank-like Grave Knight, and range-based Hunter. Each class can combine powers with their allies to form devastating cooperative attacks.

Adventurers will lead each party through a dangerous labyrinth of interconnected dungeons to challenge the resurrected Lich Lord Xelo Van. Plunged into darkness, the land of Pylandria awaits the aid of brave heroes capable of vanquishing Xelo Van and his legions of nightmarish beasts.

“Battlecursed’s combat system will challenge RPG fans to build, manage, and lead powerful parties through tense bouts against a seemingly unstoppable dark army,” said Dexter Chow, creative director of Codex Worlds. “Only through wise class pairings, unwavering attention to detail, and mastery of enemy vulnerabilities can players surmount Battlecursed’s relentless waves of foes and save Pylandria.”

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