Battlefield 2042 to Receive Series of Free Access Periods, New Development Update Video

The Battlefield 2042 team has shared their latest development update video, revealing a series of free access periods in December for players on each platform to experience all of the game’s offerings for a limited time. This news has been revealed ahead of an exciting slew of new content promised for players in the next two seasons and beyond, including reworked maps, more Vault Weapons, and a return to Class identities for Specialists.

The full reveal of Season 3 is just around the corner with another new Specialist, a new map in a location close to those at DICE, a fresh Battle Pass, additional Portal content, as well as a new hardware tech, events, experiences, and more. Furthermore, the team is already in pre-production of new content coming after Season 4 next year…more information coming soon on that front!

Free Access Period

Players can log in during the Free Access periods to earn the Battlefield 2042 Welcome Pack, including a collection of new cosmetics, as well as instant access to the Season 1 and 2 Specialists, Lis and Crawford – giving players a total of 13 Specialists to choose from! Over 15 maps will be available, including 4 reworked battlefields from 2042’s launch. Additionally, more than 100 weapons and gadgets, and 40+ powerful vehicles can be found and utilized across six unique game modes.

All standard Battle Pass content tiers can be unlocked while playing for free, and players can purchase a Premium Battle Pass to access even more tiers. Players who decide to buy Battlefield 2042 will have their in-game purchases and earned progression carry over.

Be the first to deploy with these timeframes for each Free Access period:

  • Xbox: Download and play free from December 1st, 12:01 AM PT – December 4th, 11:59 PM PT.
  • Steam: Download and play free from December 1st, 10 AM PT – December 5th, 10 AM PT.
  • PlayStation: Download and play free from December 16th, 8 AM PT – December 23rd, 8 AM PT.

Upcoming Battlefield 2042 Updates

Today’s development update video provides a glimpse at what is to come in the next two Battlefield 2042 seasons, with the most major update being the Specialist rework – coming later in Season 3. The team has been working to assign each Specialist to one of four recognizable Classes, as well as redefining the gear and equipment they’ll have access to. Check out the latest steps on this rework on the development blog here.

The development update video also dives into detail on the plethora of new content coming with the upcoming seasons, including video flyovers of the upcoming reworks to Manifest and Breakaway. The team also highlights some of the new Vault Weapons in the works that players will be able to earn during Season 3.

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