Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1 Included Map Rework, New Weapons & Other Improvements to Season 3

The main focus with the rework of Manifest is to ensure it becomes more streamlined and offers up a tighter game space, this has also given us an opportunity to do a complete pass throughout the location and provide stronger themes to previously underutilized spaces.

Across the main game modes, they have adjusted and added flag spaces to reduce travel times and create stronger paths and frontlines as you make your way toward those capture points.

Points of Interest:

Container Yard – North: The northern container yard has seen further military presence buildup, with the location now becoming an ad hoc refueling station for the ongoing conflict. The paths leading to and from the flag have been improved while the flag placement has been repositioned slightly towards the Quay.

Quay: As conflicts continue, the Quay has been treated to increased military defense encampments, with two new spaces on either end of the Quay. These locations act as Capture Points in certain modes, and when they aren’t in use they act as staging posts for entry onto the boats themselves.

Container Yard – South: This location has been moved closer to the action around the docked boats, with pathing improvements and further military buildup taking place throughout.

Weather Station: Time has not been a worthy ally for the Weather Station after recently suffering from a ground attack, one of these stations now sits in a burning ruin. The surrounding hillside has also received a traversal pass alongside additional light sources and zip lines to allow for increased traversal opportunity.

Vault Weapons

M416 – Battlefield 3

The M416, a fan-favorite from Battlefield 3 makes its way to the Weapon Vault. It’s compact and light AR with a good damage profile capable of taking out targets at mid-range.

Unlock Assignments:

  • Kills and Assists with the M416 or the PBX-45: 100
  • Kills with Assault Rifles or Teammates Revived: 60

M240B – Battlefield 3

The M240B is a powerful machine gun that becomes a monster when mounted on a bipod, having great bullet velocities that allow you to engage targets at medium to long ranges

Unlock Assignments:

  • Kills and Assists with the M240B or the Avancys: 100
  • Kills with LMGs in a Round: 20

M93R – Battlefield 3

The M93R, is a Burst fire sidearm that devastates at close range but with accuracy quickly deteriorating under sustained fire. Get up close and personal with this sidearm to deal its best damage

Unlock Assignments:

  • Kills and Assists with the M93R or the G57: 100
  • Kills in a Round with Secondary Weapons: 8


Gameplay Improvements

  • You are now able to dynamically change the zoom radius of the minimap via keybind
  • Improved hit registration against soldiers on moving platforms or vehicles
  • Resolved an issue where a vault animation could play on top of a reload animation
  • Further improvements to improve responsiveness around weapon deploy and undeploy animations, aiming down sight, sprint traversal and reduced the time around enter soldier movement speeds these changes will be particularly felt on animation
  • Improved responsiveness on transition into movement from standing still
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to skip the traversal sprint recovery time
  • Fixed animation not playing properly when entering vehicles through entrance that is high above the ground
  • Resolved an issue where the Character is stuck in a downed state after dying during a takedown and then getting revived
  • Fix a rare issue that could make the player stuck in a limbo state after dying during a takedown
  • Making hit reactions more pronounced to improve the shooting experience
  • Fixed an issue where Sundance may have a more bouncy landing via their Wingsuit than anticipated
  • Fixed a bug where landing with the wingsuit on a fence shortly after activating could cause lethal fall damage
  • Fixed an issue with Blood Splatter not appearing correctly when shooting enemy soldiers
  • Fixed an issue causing blood spatter effects to appear in unintended places
  • Added blood mist elements to the regular body and head shot impacts on soldiers to better convey that you hit an enemy
  • Fixed a bug where you could attach to a rope through thin walls
  • Fix for left hand animations breaking after entering a vehicle from traversal sprint
  • Fixed a bug when traversal sprinting into water could make the swimming animation break
  • Fixed an issue where you could sometimes see floating weapon parts after throwing a smart grenade



  • Adjusted the Capture Zone for Sector A and B to encourage a smoother flow of gameplay as an Attacker.


  1. Removed C1 and G1 Capture Points on Conquest Large, and merged the subsequent capture area into nearby Capture Points. The win rate was balanced towards one side unfairly with Kaleidoscope, and these changes should hopefully improve and encourage a more natural flow of play throughout


  • Tweaked ticket count for Conquest to encourage a slightly longer duration of match time
  • Adjusted the combat area and out-of-bounds limits on Breakthrough, for the last sector
  • Defender HQ has been moved closer to the flag on Breakthrough, for the last sector
  • Adjusted the HQ area and out-of-bounds limits for the first sector on Rush
  • The MCOM for the first sector has been relocated out of the hanger on Rush
  • Made improvements to other MCOM positions to improve attacking flow for Rush
  • Fixed an instance of flickering terrain when in low-flying aircraft around D1
  • Fixed the ability to hide in in-world stationary Tanks near the C1 Objective
  • Fixed level of detail issue on destroyed showroom screens

They have placed extra lubrication on the crane rails for the Shipping Container grabber inside the ship, this means it shall no longer be jittery in motion and should be much smoother!


  • Fixed a rare issue that allowed grenades to fall through the ground
  • Resolved a visual issue where flying close to the incoming storm on Manifest would result in a black vignette around the screen
  • A melee attack to a chair in the office suite will no longer destroy the entire desk, theyhave yet to invent Adamantium as part of your arsenal loadout
  • Fixed audio issue where metal scaffolding throughout the level did not sound correct to its material type
  • Improved lighting draw distance scenarios for the Toll Station at distance
  • Fixed issue in FFA where players got deployed under the map on small layout
  • Fixed issue where enemies could be seen deploying in the same spot
  • Fixed issue where the Spawn Beacon could be placed after crawling under containers
  • Fixed issue where the lighting poles on the map remained lit after being destroyed.
  • Fixed an instance of lighting draw distance inside the Storage Facility


  • Further improvements to the initial spawning phase on Rush
  • Fixed some debris issues when the Landed Drone’s propeller was destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where at certain angles during the downed state, some water sources could disappear
  • Fixed an issue where players were not taking damage from the fire around the tire piles
  • Fixed issue where several entrances of the cube buildings were very darkly lit
  • Sealed the roof of the tunnel so rain no longer appears inside it
  • Fixed Printer Boxes issue where the robotic arm was still functional after the printer box got destroyed
  • Fixed issue where Deploy Point UI was missing from the Deploy screen on FFA
  • Fixed an issue where a stack of four yellow tank containers was floating inside the E2 flag
  • Fixed issue where killcam transition to deploy screen showed the whole interior of the building when dying inside C2 & E1 buildings
  • Fixed some minor tree clipping issues around vents and containers
  • Fixed issue with movers where Ammo/Health crates would not get destroyed when a Mover passed over them
  • Fixed level of detail issues for the base of the robot arm after the yellow robots were destroyed
  • Fixed issue with unnaturally stretched ground texture placed near the tunnel entrance
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to destroy the ruin state of Nordvik water tank
  • Fixed audio issue where the distant warfare on Spearhead was still present during the end of round screen


  • Given each AI Soldier a navigation manual that should help them through the road between Sector D and E with more ease on Spearhead
  • With this navigation manual, they have also told them to look out for small objects and not to get confused by them on Spearhead
  • Fixed an issue where AI could get stuck navigating through the Ventilator Zone on C2 and E1 on Spearhead
  • Given driving instructions for AI driving larger vehicles for Rush on Spearhead
  • Fixed issues where AIs were unable to climb ladders on Spearhead’s Capture Point E2


  • Toggle Optics should now be listed for the NVK-NXT 2X scope in the Rorsch Mk-4 collection menu
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the PKS-07 to clip through the camera when equipped on the A-91
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the primary scope on the Rorsch Mk-4 to float slightly above the weapon on PlayStation 4
  • Fixed an issue where flashlights or lasers would sometimes be visible on secondary weapons and gadgets
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD would sometimes fail to load after switching attachments on weapons
  • Fixed an issue that was causing laser beams to be misplaced at different FOV values
  • Ensured that the sound effects are aligned with the firing of the 12M Auto
  • Subsonic magazine no longer interferes with other magazines’ ammo capacity on the VCAR
  • Subsonic mesh is visible when swapping from other magazines on the VCAR
  • Fixed an issue that was causing a broken weapon position to be displayed on the M16A3 while prone and using the M26 underbarrel attachment.
  • MP412 Rex now has the intended rate of fire.
  • AKS-74u now has the intended rate of fire.
  • Fixed an issue where the MP9 shooting animation while ADS would break when exiting a vehicle.
  • Added several missing weapon attachments to Portal.
  • VCAR magazines now have the intended color.
  • Fixed orientation of the TV 2x Sight within the icon on the AK24.
  • Minor VFX tweaks to the PF51
  • Improvements made to the Rorsch Mk-4 trail FX
  • An additional layer of Animation polish has been applied to the M16A3
  • Updated textures on the Avancys iron sights while viewing them from view
  • We have updated several elements of our weapons to improve the overall ‘feel’ of them. This includes work across our Reload Animations which should make all weapons, across the entire game, feel a lot more snappier and responsive.


  • Call-in audio now plays when calling in the EMKV90-TOR
  • Updated the description of the Active Protection System to convey that it does not block close-range projectiles
  • Fixed an issue where VFX was not displaying correctly when Active Protection Systems were firing
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles could have a repeating wet pattern on them
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing deployable gadgets such as the Spawn Beacon from being placed close to either the EBLC-RAM or EMKV90-TOR while Active Protection Systems were enabled
  • Fixed an issue where aiming within a tank could become problematic while looking at smoke
  • Parts of aircraft would sometimes animate in the wrong direction, they have turned them around so now they’ll be rotating on the correct axis
  • Fixed an issue that would allow drivers in the MAV to be able to ADS while in 1P view
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the overheat circle to wrongly display while using the Howitzer cannon on the EBLC-RAM
  • Fixed an issue that was causing vehicles such as the LATV4 and LCAA Hovercraft from receiving too much damage when colliding with various objects around a map
  • Overheat and cooldown states are communicated with red in the crosshair HUD circle
  • They have lowered the ground pull effect and tweaked the force, may it be with you always
  • Fixed an issue when deploying into a vehicle that would cause the camera to briefly go inside the vehicle and look weird
  • Calling in a LCAA Hovercraft on top of a tank will propel the tank high in the sky or under the map. Physics are weird sometimes
  • The LATV4 has had its swole levels reduced and can no longer ram tanks (Thanks for the intel, Carpo!)
  • The “Unassigned” UI is no longer present in 1p view after repeatedly switching the seats on AAV-7A1 AMTRAC
  • Smoke Launcher VFX is now more accurately aligned across game clients
  • Active Protection Systems no longer block damage from C5 or AT Mines
  • Fixed an issue where the spotter seat on the MD540 Nightbird would only update the minimap and not provide the in-world spot
  • Improved behavior while flying the MD540 Nightbird with Helicopter control assists disabled
  • Improvements made to the VFX on fighter jets
  • Animated leading edge flaps on the F-35E Panther and SU-57 FELON
  • Updated and overhauled locking ranges and behavior of all locking weapons when laser designated
  • Tweaks to the vehicle HUD and crosshair, including updating alpha channels and ensuring decorative HUD elements are less visually impacting to players
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