Become the first human to start the colonization of an alien planet, Galatea 37, and join the game’s Closed Pre-Alpha testing.

Meet Mr. Riggs – your advanced Mecha-suit capable of dimensional rift travel. Equip yourself with newly-crafted weapons and gear enhancements. Discover new minerals and plants to turn into your vital energy supply. Research the area and improve your defense. Hack, slash, and shoot countless enemies while dashing to avoid deadly strikes. Broadcast all your adventures through streaming services and engage your viewers with interactive Twitch and Mixer features like voting for new attack waves, changing event types to rain or meteor showers, unlocking new objectives, and more.

To sign up for The Riftbreaker’s closed Alpha test, visit the game’s official Discord server ( and fill out the registration form.


A short sneak peek of what’s new in preview Alpha 2:

  • Enjoy new customizable streaming features and engage your fans to influence your playthrough even more.
  • Adjust the game to your personal needs with custom and random difficulty modes.
  • Equip yourself with the Treasure Detector – use it to search for buried resources via a “hot’n’cold” mechanic, and add a new layer to your gameplay.
  • Explore new surfaces – see how your character reacts when stepping on earth or metal flooring, or in sand and mud.
  • Build more power plants, floors, and entirely new structures, and upgrade your towers and walls.
  • Craft new weapons including the Plasma Gun, High Powered Laser, and more.
  • New critical hit system.
  • Overcome upgraded, more powerful enemies.
  • New weather system with gameplay-changing events like meteor showers, storms, tornadoes, and others.
  • Experience lots of new tweaks and improvements to current features!

RIftbreaker 1

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