Before We Leave announces massive update titled “Biomes and Beasties”

Developer Balancing Monkey Games has announced a massive free update coming to its hit civ-building title Before We Leave. The new update titled “Biomes and Beasties” will include a vast array of new island locations, a new storyline, new forms of life to interact with, the ability to unlock extra end-game buildings, new resources and research, and much more.

The “Biomes and Beasties” update, which launches on Dec. 1 (Nov. 30 in the US), brings three new island types and shapes to the game: Rainforest, Swamp and Crystal biomes. This was a highly requested feature by players seeking diversity in environments and landscapes. Additionally, the game is rebalancing game generation algorithms to make early islands more crucial to the game and necessary to succeed in later islands. The new Crystal biome includes a new type of research, a new resource, and the ability for the players to reconstruct one of their ancestors’ most advanced buildings.

In addition to new environments, the developers are adding a backstory into the game that was partially formed from various ideas of the game’s Discord community. As players explore the world they will find new chapters of the story which can be further explored. Lastly, small animals will also be introduced. More details will be revealed soon.

A full list of features for the “Biomes and Beasties” update includes:

  • New island biomes such as Rainforest, Swamp, and Crystal
  • New type of research and resource through the Crystal biome
  • Ability for players to build their own transmogrifiers
  • New island shapes variety
  • New backstory written in partnership with the Discord community
  • Inclusion of small animals

Before We Leave continues to deliver a valuable amount of free content for its players. Most recently, it launched its “Paving the Way” update, which brought new roads, resources, buildings, and optimization.

In Before We Leave, players are tasked with leading their group underground because of natural disasters. Generations later they arise and must rebuild civilization and expand society to other continents and eventually other planets.

Before We Leave is available for purchase on the Epic Games Store for $19.99.

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