Behind the Scenes Look at the Making of ’96 Chex Quest

Answering the cries of nostalgic fans, Chex Mix is officially re-releasing Chex Quest 3 in partnership with Chex Mix — a General Mills Brand. On the heels of the re-release, thought you’d be interested in “The Official History of Chex Quest” — including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with original developers of the iconic gaming franchise.

In 1996, Chex Quest took the gaming world by storm as the first family-friendly first person shooter — the game went on to win an Effie Award and move 6 million copies through a promotion with Chex Cereal. Built on the DOOM engine, Chex Quest was reskinned as a non-violent first person shooter and offered many kids of the 90s their first introduction into PC gaming. Watch this exclusive video for more background on the making of Chex Quest.

So bust out your Pogs, cash in your Beanie Babies, and Tickle Your Elmos as you relive the fun of blasting Flemoids back home and off of Bazoik using your trusty zorchers like it’s 1996!

In the spirit of celebrating this endearing pop culture phenomenon, General Mills enlisted the help of iconic video game illustrator Marc Ericksen to reimagine the cover art for Chex Quest.  Marc has worked on almost 100 covers in his career, creating classic box art for Atari, Capcom, Nintendo, and Sega.  Download a high res poster-sized copy of the new art at!

What happens to Chex Warrior next?  Stay tuned for more on the future of Chex Quest and Chex Mix in 2019. You can also check out the Chex Quest HD trailer:

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