Best Games to Get Inspiration and Improve Writing Skills

It’s been proven again and again that computer games do more good than harm. Of course, most players have the tendency to get carried away or become addicted to the game. Yet, most games also teach us a lot in the process. In addition, each game can bring new life lessons, some unique skills, or new ways of thinking into gamers’ minds. Not to mention how many computer games out there can inspire and motivate you to create and improve your writing skills.

Indeed, these days many games are driven to come up with memorable, unique, and beautiful stories. When delivered well, those stories, or the ways they are told, can stay with us for a long time. Players get mesmerized by the original approaches of those games and want to discover their own potential for creativity. That’s why some games can even be recommended to aspiring writers. Being actively involved in the inspirational world, wandering its streets, and progressing in the plot are rare, wonderful opportunities to take an active part in the creative process. Here are some of the best games to get inspiration and improve writing skills. See what speaks to you the most.

Age of Empires

Have you ever wondered how people survived Medieval times? Do you want to see the close-to-real-life experience of living in those times? Well, fortunately, Age of Empires can provide you with such an opportunity. This strategy game can show you how to build small towns and real empires, how to make the right decision and take care of all town needs, face emergencies, and calculate a few steps ahead. Thus, here you learn all about problem-solving, risk management, priority setting, and planning. Do you know where else you might need those skills? Of course, one needs them to write and create.

It’s a myth that all creative work should rely on talent only. One also needs to know self-discipline, organization skills, and how to plant their time. Age of Empires can deliver on all those requests. In fact, it can also be a great game for inspiration when you are interested in writing historical novels and such. It can help you immerse into the past, showcase the lifestyles and needs of the Medieval people and guide you through this world with useful info and tips. At the very least, it will surely inspire you to learn more about the history and politics of that time.

Detroit: Become Human

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if we lived among robots? Well, the Detroit creators have thought of that and produced an ambitious, adventurous game with a controllable perspective. Thus, each player has a role to play in the plot development. The decisions you make will affect how things evolve and what end you should expect.

For all the writers out there, this game is a nice practice in character development, plot building, arc structures, and more. Overall, we get to play with three main characters. Their decisions are interconnected and have the power to shift the events and change society. It’s a nice showcase of how our choices affect the world we create.

Detroit: Become Human is a beautiful inspirational piece perfect for enhancing your creativity and strategy. It can help writers further explore the ideas of tech futures and life with robots while also observing the development of different perspectives. It’s good practice for writing that can be later used as a tool. Thus, next time you hit writer’s block, consider developing several scenarios for each decision you may take. Such a brainstorming technique will work wonders after you play this game.


Of course, we have to add Minecraft to this list. After all, Minecraft has brought a real revolution to the gaming world. Needless to say, such an impact has affected the industry and gamers all over the world. This game proved our need for creativity, diversity, freedom of choice in the digital world, and the desire to build our own worlds. Does it sound familiar to you? It should. After all, that’s what all writers do, too.

Minecraft has given all its players the same platforms for creativity as writers find with a blank page and a pen. Of course, the game serves you more as a prompt (with already built-in tools) to create your own vision of the world. Thus, it can inspire people to write their own scenarios, makeup storylines, build whole cities, and develop worlds to their liking. It’s a perfect writing practice for all the beginners out there.

Thus, you can play this game for fun and yet find useful tips and inspiration all around you. It’s a great way to build the courage to write something of your own and find inspiration in your online creations. But, of course, there is always a chance you get carried away with the gameplay. In such a case, we recommend reading an review beforehand and to choose a professional for your writing assignment before the deadline. Now you can play as long as you want with no worries!

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