BIG Festival Independent Game awards Winners

Here are the winners:

  • BIG Festival People’s Choice: Gravitational from Electric Monkeys (Brazil)
  • Best Game: Curious Expedition 2 from Maschinen-Mensch (Germany)
  • Best Game: Latin America: Per Aspera from Tlön Industries (Argentina)
  • Best Game: Brazil: Retro Machina from Orbit Studio (Brazil)
  • Innovation Award: Genesis Noir from Feral Cat Den (USA)
  • Best Multiplayer Game: Hypercharge: Unboxed from Digital Cybercherries (UK)
  • Best Mobile Game: HoloVista from Aconite Co. (USA)
  • BIG Impact: Diversity: Arrog from Hermanos Magia and Leap Game Studios (Peru)
  • BIG Impact: Educational: Please, Touch the Artwork from Studio Waterzooi (Belgium)
  • BIG Impact: Social Matters: Svoboda 1945: Liberation from Charles Games (Czech Republic)
  • Best Audio: Genesis Noir from Feral Cat Den (USA)
  • Best XR/VR Game: A Rogue Escape from Spare Parts Oasis (Italy)
  • Best Game for Kids: Vamos Brincar de Cozinhar from Akom Studio (Brasil)
  • BIG Brands: Cartoon Network Golf Stars from Avix Games (Argentina)
  • Best Student Game: Symphonia from ISART DIGITAL (France)
  • Best Art: Liberated from Atomic Wolf (Poland)
  • Best Narrative: Lost Ember from Mooneye Studios (Germany)
  • Best Gameplay: Not for Broadcast from NotGames (UK)
  • Xsolla’s Special Award: Figment 2: Creed Valley from Bedtime Digital Games (Denmark)
  • GameJam+ 2020 Award: Do Not Disturb from Hollow Harpy (Brazil)
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