Bionik Launches Next-gen Console Accessories

Bionik today revealed its latest lineup of PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X|S console accessories. Each product is designed to solve common problems faced by gamers and enhance gameplay. Popular accessories from the Bionik catalog, like the Quickshot and Power Stand, return with design upgrades for the next generation of game consoles.

“Our team is filled with passionate gamers who have created a product line-up designed to complement the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S,” Says Amir Navid, SVP of Product Development and Creative Director, at Bionik. “We aim to provide players with tools to improve their game, organize and optimize their space, and get the upper hand on their competition.”

Power Stand for Xbox Series X|S [MSRP $29.99] and PlayStation 5 [MSRP $24.99]: Dual controller charging station for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S controllers. Designed to fit two controllers and features backlit charging indicators for a sleek aesthetic. Power Stand for Xbox includes two high-capacity rechargeable battery packs and covers. A power supply is included with both models for optimum charging.

Chat Mixer [MSRP $24.99]: The Chat Mixer combines game audio from your console with content from an external Bluetooth source. Simply plug the Chat Mixer into any wired headphones, connect to your console’s audio output, and pair with a Bluetooth device. Independent volume controls let you customize each audio source from a single accessory. Chat Mixer lets gamers listen to custom playlists and walkthroughs, take phone calls, chat with friends using popular apps like Discord, and more all while playing your favorite games on your console.

Quickshot Pro for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 [MSRP $19.99]: An update to Bionik’s best-selling trigger enhancement kit for Dualshock4 and DualSense controllers, redesigned for easy installation. Quickshot Pro improves reaction time with customizable trigger locks, reducing pull distance for quicker response and giving players a competitive edge in their favorite games. Quickshot Pro extends your controller’s triggers, giving more surface area for control and increased comfort while playing.

Quickshot Pro for XBOX ONE and XBOX X|S [MSRP $19.99]: Two Quickshot Pro controller enhancement models for XBOX Series X|S and Xbox One completely redesigned with sleek styling and a rubberized grip. Quickshot Pro for Xbox consoles improves reaction time with customizable trigger locks, reducing pull distance for quicker response. The switch and lock system has been revamped for better performance and longer life.

Vulkan Plus [MSRP $59.99]: Wireless controller for PC, Android, and VR devices with programmable paddles and detachable phone holder. Paddles can be remapped using the on-controller interface with no additional software required. Control your device up to 30 feet away, supports Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity. Vulkan Plus is ideal for gamers on the go who are looking for a customizable controller made from high-quality components.

Hyper Kit X [MSRP $24.99]: Connect and charge your Xbox Series X|S controllers with ease using a magnetic charging cable and high capacity 1,200mAh battery packs. Hyper Kit X includes two battery packs and features an ergonomic design that does not impede controller use during play. The magnetic cable is ideal for households with kids and animals and will simply disconnect if caught or tripped over.

Pro Kit for Xbox Series X|S [MSRP $69.99] and PlayStation 5 [MSRP$59.99]: The essential console accessories designed to improve your next-gen gaming experience. Each Pro Kit includes a full-size over-ear gaming headset with an RGB light feature. Also included are other essentials such as a Dual-port controller charger, a 10-foot USB-C Bionik Lynx Cable, and a USB cable extender. The PS5 Pro-Kit also includes an adjustable phone holder that attaches to a Dual Sense controller while the Xbox version features two 1,200mAh battery packs for your controllers.

Power Stand and Chat Mixer products are available now, all others are expected to release this Summer.

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