Black Desert Mobile Gets ‘Kunoichi’ Class

A classic ninja, Kunoichi brings her mastery of a shortsword, kunai, martial arts, and Ninjustu, allowing her to quickly and quietly dispatch her opponents. A new season of Path of Glory also begins on May 4th, 2021.

  • Kunoichi is equipped with sharp skills that show off her agility and concentration, including:
    Shadow Stitch swiftly traps enemies in a flurry of slashes, inflicting Stun and Hit while increasing her AP for 10 seconds.
  • Rain of Steel launches Kunoichi into the air, attacking with a tornado of kunai that rain down on her opponents. She is unable to be grabbed while she is in the air.
  • Viper Strike marks enemies at a distance with a kunai and allows Kunoichi to dash at her opponent, inflicting significant damage while decreasing enemies’ movement speed.
  • Chakra Release uses Ninjutsu to draw out Kunoichi’s dormant power, increasing the damage inflicted by critical hits and Black Spirit skills.

Players can look forward to Abyssal weapons like the Kzarka shortsword and Nouver Kunai as a log-in bonus, as well as 10,000 Ancient Gold Coins, 20 Awakening Skill Books, and 2000 Black Pearls for training Kunoichi to level 70.

Additionally, the fourth season of Path of Glory returns with a next-level difficulty and better rewards. This popular PvE mode tasks players with defending the castle gates against waves of enemies using six classes from their Family roster. Those who are victorious can strengthen their entire Family with an Emblem item reward.

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