Black Desert’s Corsair Class Gets New Awakened Skills and Weapon in Update

Black Desert’s one and only pirate-mermaid Corsair class receive a host of new features as part of today’s Awakening update. Corsair players can try on the new outfit and head to battle using the all-new harpoon-style weapon Patraca, stylishly eliminating enemies with new class skills.

The awakened Corsair is captain of the Slippery Scallywags, a band of friendly pirate otters that assist players in combat. The Slippery Scallywags fire their cannons to help defeat foes as players perform their powerful new skills. Adventurers can also strategically choose to use her new, special weapon Patraca as either a sword for melee combat or as a harpoon gun for ranged attacks. Corsair can easily rush down enemies while surrounded by its mist. Distant enemies aren’t safe either, as she can pierce them with her harpoon from afar, dragging them into her mist and neutralizing them.

Details on the new awakened skills can be found below:

  • Spare No Quarter!: Rather stylishly throws her rope into the air, lifting her up and surrounding her in mist, before she comes down to slice her foe.
  • Sun-splitter Patraca: Throws her rope towards the sun, momentarily staying mid-air, before firing her harpoon. Enemies hit by the harpoon will be neutralized by her mists.
  • Cap’n’s Orders: Open Fire!: Lifts her weapon into the air, giving the signal to open fire. Following her orders, the Scallywags fire their ship’s massive anchor at the enemy.

In addition, there are a host of in-game events to celebrate the graduation of summer season servers. Season servers are the servers designed for the fast growth of character. When Adventurers complete all the challenge quests, they can choose to graduate from the season server. Adventurers can play their characters on regular servers and get special rewards, including the PEN (V) Capotia accessory, the powerful accessory that can greatly aid newer Adventurer’s journey

Black Desert Online will help mother nature by donating small saplings with Adventurers. In-game charity quest helping places damaged by natural disasters takes place. Adventurers can complete the quest by purchasing the Sprout of Life from a seed merchant. They can be part of the donation by participating in the event.

For the Black Desert console users, the discount for both Xbox and PlayStation is going on right now. Xbox users can get a 20% discount on Pearl Box and PlayStation users can get up to 60% discount on the bundles.

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