BLACKTAIL Developers THE PARASIGHT Secure Funding From Tencent

BLACKTAIL Developers THE PARASIGHT Receive Backing From Tencent.

Celebrating the second anniversary of their studio, THE PARASIGHT is excited to welcome Tencent, a leading international technology company, as a minority investor.

“I’m excited for everything the future holds for this partnership—with this, THE PARASIGHT joins the ranks of top-tier developers who have Tencent’s backing.” said Bartosz Kaproń, CEO & Creative Director. “We are an experienced team, but a young studio. Having Tencent with its experience and vast technological background invest in our vision, BLACKTAIL and future projects shows incredible faith in our team, and we aim to honor that trust.

Tencent will leave full autonomy of creativity and operations across all aspects of the studio, including projects, talent, publishing rights, and IP ownership in our hands while opening doors around the world. The partnership is oriented toward supporting the studio on long-term growth and building a best-in-class development team.

“In two years we’ve tripled our dev team and built a brand new IP from scratch, continues Kaproń. “Our first franchise, only months ahead of launch, is attracting attention from all over the industry. Announced via IGN Showcase and featured at The Game Awards [email protected] demo event, we’re aspiring for BLACKTAIL to be one of 2022’s most creative next-gen premium indie experiences. Current industry support and recent Tencent involvement indicate that there is ground for future developments in that particular genre. This is still the beginning of our journey.”

THE PARASIGHT reimagines timeless stories and creates wonderfully unsettling games based on dark legends and fairy tales. Explore an original take on Slavic folklore in BLACKTAIL – a first-person, surreal action adventure game, where the story of Baba Yaga comes to life.

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