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Continue the progression of your accessory through a new Legendary drop.

With the launch of Desolate Tomb we’ve changed the Evolution path for accessories, and the Awakened Oblivion accessories that we showed a while back will no longer be the upgrade path players will take—and will in fact be slowly be discontinued in other regions of the game as well.

You’ll now instead progress your accessory upgrades with Legendary accessories, the first of which is the introduction of the Oath Necklace. The Oath Necklace is obtained by earning and transforming the Draken Necklace drop from the Desolate Tomb dungeon in either 4-member or 6-member modes.

Other Legendary accessories will be released periodically in future content updates.

For players who have already upgraded their necklace to True Python Stage 10, you’ll be able to salvage it for 30 Legendary Jewels, which are required to level up the Oath Necklace as well as future Legendary accessories. You can also buy Legendary Jewels for 20 gold each from the Dragon Express.

Oath Necklace

In addition to its powerful stats (see below), the Oath Necklace also provides the wearer with a powerful effect. When hitting enemies you have a chance to apply a “Weakening” debuff to them, which then applies an Attack Power buff to players hitting a weakened enemy. Multiple players with an Oath Necklace can ensure a more consistent uptime on the debuff, and more consistent damage buffs.


Oath Upgrades
In order to transform the Draken Necklace into Oath, you’ll need the following upgrade materials:



Stage 6 to Stage 10:

Approximately 70 Legendary Jewels and 1 gold for each Jewel used.

We’ll be revealing the other Legendary Accessories as we get closer to releasing them, the next being the Legendary ring which will drop from Ebondrake Citadel—an upcoming dungeon we’ll have more information on in the near future.


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