Blasphemous 2 Launches on 24th August, Unleashing Punishing Metroidvania Experience

Team17 Digital and The Game Kitchen have announced the highly anticipated release date for Blasphemous 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed action platformer. Set to launch on August 24th, 2023, Blasphemous 2 will bring dark and punishing gameplay to Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Players will once again step into the role of the Penitent One, embarking on a harrowing journey filled with grotesque monstrosities, relentless combat, and profound exploration.

The Cycle of Penance Continues

Following the events of Blasphemous’ 2021 Update, Wounds of Eventide, Blasphemous 2 immerses players in an unfamiliar and unforgiving world. The Miracle has returned, accompanied by the prophecy of a new miracle child. As the Penitent One, players must prevent this prophecy from coming to fruition by navigating treacherous environments and confronting formidable enemies. With three unique weapons and an expanded skillset at their disposal, survival in this punishing world depends on the players’ ability to overcome death time and time again.

Unravel the Secrets of a Dark World

Blasphemous 2 offers a rich and non-linear world for players to explore. Each landscape is meticulously crafted, showcasing an alluring blend of gothic charm and grotesque imagery. Every corner holds secrets and challenges, inviting players to delve deeper into the narrative. The game encourages exploration, rewarding players with scattered lore and forgotten secrets, painting a vivid picture of this new and punishing realm.

Brutal Combat and Devastating Combos

In Blasphemous 2, combat is brutal and relentless. Players can execute devastating combos, obliterating the abominations that stand in their way. With expanded combat mechanics, the Penitent One has even more tools to rain destruction upon foes. Each encounter with twisted bosses will test players’ skills and strategic thinking as they face unique attack patterns and sundering abilities. The intense boss battles promise an adrenaline-pumping experience that will push players to their limits.

Customize and Improve Your Skills

Blasphemous 2 introduces a new level of customization for the Penitent One. Players can enhance and improve their base skillset, tailoring it to their preferred playstyle. Additionally, the game introduces new unique weapons that expand the tactical options available to players. This enhanced customization system provides a deeper level of player agency, allowing them to adapt their abilities to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S

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