Following the January worldwide release of Netmarble Corp.’s Magic: ManaStrike, Netmarble’s first-ever game for the Wizards of the Coast franchise Magic: The Gathering, the company is releasing the game’s first update. The update adds two unique Planeswalkers, all-new cards, and other quality-of-life enhancements for new and competitive players to discover.

Magic: ManaStrike‘s newest Planeswalkers are the minotaur Angrath, a notorious black/red pirate on the plane of Ixalan; and Koth of the Hammer, a vulshok human red Planeswalker from the plane of Mirrodin who specializes in geomancy. Angrath’s active skill uses his flame chain to stun and deal AoE damage. During ManaStrike, Angrath enters an enraged state, increasing his movement and attack speed. Koth of the Hammer attacks both ground and air enemies with melee AoE attacks. When Koth enters the opponent’s side of the battlefield, his health increases and he only attacks buildings. Both Planeswalkers are now available for players to unlock in game.

Koth Season is now open, with an all-new Ajani Vengeant skin available through Magic Pass. This new skin alters Ajani’s appearance comes with new character animations and effects that will be seen both in the lobby and on the battlefield.

Other new additions to Magic: ManaStrike include:

  • New Cards to collect, including Emeria Angel (White), Hightide Hermit (Blue), Carrion Crow (Black), Fire Shrine Keeper (Red), and Sylvan Advocate (Green).
  • Improvements to Magic: ManaStrike’s Friends feature such as adding a ‘Friend’s Match’, adding friends by searching for nicknames, and inviting friends to a player’s Team.
  • Enhancements to MagicTV’s UX system.

Magic: ManaStrike takes the excitement of Magic: The Gathering’s vast lore in a whole new direction with a fast-paced PVP strategy game. After losing a war with the Planeswalkers, Magic: The Gathering‘s most powerful villain Nicol Bolas creates a parallel universe to find the Planeswalkers’ weaknesses. Players enter a contract with Nicol Bolas to provide combat data by controlling Planeswalkers and units in his universe. Fast-paced and easy to learn, fans can experience dynamic real-time battles with anyone from around the world in three-minute matches. During battle, players will be able to summon units, cast spells, and command powerful Planeswalkers with simple tap and drag gameplay and iconic Magic: The Gathering cards re-envisioned through high-quality 3D. By collecting new cards from Magic’s five unique Mana colors – White, Blue, Black, Red and Green, players will learn to understand each color’s traits, and create unique strategies that lead the way to victory.

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