“Blind Playthrough” tag removed – Twitch responds to disabled players

As live-streaming in the gaming industry continues to develop over the years more and more subjects like these will continue to rise up out of the deep dark depths of the online gaming world. A language that is known by many but spoken by few outside of online gaming. Twitch has allowed gaming culture to become mainstream, exposing its underground language and unique lifestyle via live broadcasting.

The term “Blind Playthrough” has been used over the years to describe when a player that has no experience or knowledge of a game plays through it from beginning to end. In response to viral tweets suggesting the longstanding term was ableist and could make people with sight disabilities uncomfortable. Twitch has decided to remove the tag completely from its platform database. Director of community and creator marketing Erin “Aureylian” Wayne voiced her happiness over the decision in the tweet below.  Live broadcasters are now encouraged to use the terms “First Playthrough” along with “No Spoilers” as a substitute.  A current list of tags can be viewed at https://www.twitch.tv/directory/all/tags.

Mixed a response is to be expected in these situations while some cheered in joy others feel it’s becoming way too much. What are your thoughts?

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