Blizzard Debuting New Consumer Products at Comin-Con 2022

Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating San Diego Comic-Con with a range of new products.

Products making their debut at San Diego Comic-Con will include the Blizzard Exclusive Diablo II: Resurrected Deluxe Vinyl Box Set (by iam8bit), Overwatch Pepe Revendreth Plush, World of Warcraft Classic & Burning Crusade Playing Cards, Blizzard Series 5 Badges, and much more.


  • Blizzard Exclusive Diablo II: Resurrected Deluxe Vinyl Box Set (by iam8bit)
  • Soulstone Power Bank
  • Java Sok
  • Diablo IV Necromancer Tee
  • Art Print – Title: Lilith, Daughter of Hatred – Artist: Victor Lee


  • Overwatch: New Blood Comic Cover Collection Art
  • Junker Queen Art Print – Title: The Reckoning – Artist: Nesskain
  • Java Sok
  • Sojourn Tee


  • WoW Classic Playing Cards
  • WoW Burning Crusade Playing Cards
  • Alliance and Horde Chrome Domz
  • Alexstrasza Tee
  • Art Print -Title: Sindragosa and Arthas – Artist: Bernie Kang
  • Pepe Revendreth Plush


  • Blizzard Series 5 Badges
  • Blizzard Forging Worlds Art
  • Hearthstone Art, Java Sok
  • StarCraft Art, Java Sok
  • Heroes of the Storm Java Sok

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