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ESEA Rank S featuring DaZeD

Climb up the ranks and play with DaZeD on ESEA Rank S:…

Vainglory Summer Highlights

Check out the vainglory summer highlights from cloud 9 brought to you by C9. Some epic kills and big thrills! Video produced by Calle –

SMITE – Top 5 Plays #137

Join Inuki as he takes you through the 5 best plays of the week – get ready for greatness! Submit your Top 5 Plays to be featured on the show: http://inuk...

Splyce vs TSM at Worlds 2016 – Recap

Enjoy a recap from the epic match of Splyce vs TSM at Worlds 2016!  

Overwatch Open – Top Plays 09/30

Watch highlights, game recaps, and much more from ELEAGUE on the official ELEAGUE YouTube channel. Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos!  

Worlds Feature: C9 Impact vs SKT

Cloud9’s Impact makes his return to the World Championship with a match up against his former team SKT. Impact will face off against Faker and Bengi for t...

Worlds Feature: Samsung’s Journey

The members of Samsung Galaxy talk about their upset win against “Summer Buff KT Rolster” in the LCK Worlds Qualifier to earn their spot in the 2016...

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