Blow Your Enemies Away With the Power of the Air in Alchemist Adventure

Prepare to become a mighty maelstrom, as publisher and developer Bad Minions today released a brand new video that will teach you how to harness the unfathomable power of one of the most underrated elements — air — in the latest video for their fantastical action-adventure game Alchemist Adventure.

Currently available in Early Access for PC, with a Q4 full release planned on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch, Alchemist Adventure challenges players to use the power of alchemy and the elements to concoct the potions and tools lead character Mya needs as she battles a mix of mundane and magical monsters and unravels the mysteries of the long-forgotten land of Isur.

As the second element Mya uncovers deep within the city of Isur, air becomes one of Mya’s most powerful defenses and useful tools to manipulate the world around her and strategically defeat her most challenging foes. She can conjure mighty gusts of wind to push massive obstacles out of her way, pull them into different directions to clear her path, and extinguish fire-based puzzles. By combining air with other elements, Mya can create destructive lightning, ice, and sand potions. Battles become a breeze for someone who has mastered air, which allows them to form defensive barriers, repel foes…or pull them in close for ultimate attacks. Enemies caught up in air’s currents will be weakened, lowering their attack damage, allowing Mya to easily take them down.

Ready to learn how you too can become an accomplished air-bending alchemist?

Alchemist Adventure is an action-adventure game that takes place in the mystical land of Isur. Long ago, it was the home of brilliant, yet dangerous alchemists, but now lies abandoned and ruined. You play as Mya, an alchemist who has awoken to find herself in an unknown place, confused and with no memories of what has happened. As she explores this mysterious land, she will make use of the four elements — fire, water, air, and earth to boost her abilities, transform the land around her, and solve alchemy-related puzzles. The land of Isur holds many secrets, all of which can be uncovered both in solo or cooperative play!

While each element can be used individually to thwart a variety of enemies — each with their own elemental weakness — by combining them, you have the ability to create even more powerful attacks. But monsters are not your only obstacle — even the devastated world around you proves to be a challenge. However, a brilliant alchemist can overcome any environmental obstacle by commanding the elements to create bridges, walls, and even change the landscape entirely.

Alchemist Adventure is currently available for Windows PC via Steam Early Access. The full game will launch in Q4 2020 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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