The Boston Uprising announced today a series of roster moves. The team signed damage player Jin-ui “im37” Hong from Uprising Academy, re-signed damage player Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse and released tank player Min-seob “Axxiom” Park. Both signings are currently pending league approval.

im37, a 20-year-old South Korean damage player, has been promoted from Uprising Academy. im37 became the fastest player to complete the competitive Overwatch Path To Pro in April 2019, advancing from ranked play to the OWL’s Toronto Defiant in less than a month. Released after the 2019 season, im37 returned to Contenders. He most recently helped WGS Phoenix win Contenders 2020 Season 2 in the Korean region while on loan from Uprising Academy.

“It’s been great to watch im37 develop over the past several months,” HuK said. “With his proficiency in both Korean and English, we believe he’ll be an integral link as we continue to build a mixed roster.”

Colourhex, a 22-year-old damage player from New Zealand, joined the Uprising prior to the 2019 season. After two full years with the Uprising, Colourhex and the team have agreed on a new contract for 2021.

“Colourhex has always been a strong team player and is driven to win,” HuK said. “We’ve intended to re-sign him for some time now, but it’s good to have the paperwork formally handled.”

Axxiom, a 21-year-old South Korean tank player, joined the Uprising prior to the 2019 season after competing in two seasons of Overwatch Contenders in North America with Toronto Esports, the Boston Uprising’s Contenders affiliate at the time. After appearing in three matches in the 2019 season, Axxiom started in the Uprising’s first two matches in 2020 before taking a leave of absence for a medical procedure.

“We’re thankful for Axxiom’s contributions in and out of game over the years,” said Chris “HuK” Loranger, President of Gaming for the Uprising. “We hope he finds happiness in his next endeavor.”

im37’s career history:

  • 2020: WGS Phoenix – Loan (Overwatch Contenders KR)
  • 2020: Uprising Academy (Overwatch Contenders NA)
  • 2020: Light Gaming (Overwatch Contenders CN)
  • 2019: Toronto Defiant (OWL)
  • 2019: Second Wind (Overwatch Contenders NA)
  • 2019: Wave Check (Open Division NA)
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