Brand new gameplay trailer for Mech Mechanic Simulator, an upcoming game from Polyslash

Polyslash, the creators of We. The Revolution, are sharing fresh information about their new game. Mech Mechanic Simulator will allow you to play as a mechanic from the future and work on gigantic robots. The game will be released in October.

Mech Mechanic Simulator will take players into the future, where mechanics are working not only on flying cars, but also on huge robots. Players will take on a role of a specialist working in the city of Katwir. Their main goal will be to fix mechs – they will start with less complicated models and as their experience grows, they will be able to service more complicated kinds.

In Mech Mechanic Simulator, besides working towards your main goal, you will need to run your own shop and manage it properly, in order to stay in business on the market dominated by huge corporations. Since customers’ expectations will be rising with every repair, you will also need to improve your workplace, tools and parts that you will be using.

The life of a mechanic is not only about fixing, but also about true craftsmanship. When working on each part, you will be given multiple possibilities: you can remove the rust, weld it or even create it from scratch. Damaged elements, which cannot be repaired, can be sold for scrap or be melted and used to create completely new parts. And if your competitors want to get them, they will have to pay extra at the store. What is more – each of the mechs from your workshop will need a particular system software version – military or civil. When putting in data into the machine, players will need to be confident that the software they are installing is up to date and with a valid license.

The true challenge starts when you expand your shop to a level that will allow you to send mechs to special missions and to buy your first own robot. Each of the available machines has its own set of attributes – they all start with one, but with progress more can be added. There will be 6 types of missions: arena, mining, distress, illegal, stealth and scavenge. In order to complete a mission and get a reward, your mech will have to properly deal with dangers during its task. Before starting every mission, robots will require adequate modifications, which will help them face the potential danger during missions.

Key elements of the game:

  • run your own shop, in which you will be able to upgrade, adjust and fix huge robots,
  • gain knowledge with every fix,
  • decide how to repair a mech, which parts to choose and what type of software to install,
  • parts have more than one use – decide what you would like to do with them: sell for scrap, fix or use to create something completely new,
  • every action leads to a new challenge, including sending mechs to special missions,
  • six types of missions will be available and the prize for each of them will depend on the amount of danger eliminated.
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