Brave Dungeon Surpasses 3 Million Downloads Within a Month of Launch

Unlock Game is thrilled to announce that idle rogue-lite RPG Brave Dungeon has become a global success receiving over 3 million downloads within a month of its release, reach the top 10 lists on Google Play and the App Store in several countries. As thanks to fans and to celebrate the game’s success the developers have announced new daily log-in gifts, increased rewards from guild farms and AFK rewards, launched the Brave Pass, as well as increased rewards in the Mirage of Fate. In addition to rewards, Unlock Game has also lowered prices in the Mystery Store and added a new legendary hero pack.

Featuring over 200 heroes to collect, Brave Dungeon allows players to form their ultimate dungeon-crawling teams. During the month of August, players will be able to earn bonus rewards for each day they log in. Daily login rewards include 5-star hero shards, diamonds, advance stones to upgrade existing heroes, the 5-star hero Robert and more. Along with the rewards from daily logins, players will also earn an increased amount of AFK rewards such as coins and EXP crystals throughout the month.

Brave Dungeon

Alongside earning bonus rewards, players can also purchase the Brave Pass for $0.99USD. The Brave Pass will give players access to additional tasks and rewards throughout the month of August. By completing the Brave Pass tasks players will be able to unlock additional rewards such as heroic summon vouchers and 5-star hero shards.

Featuring a real-time social system, players in Brave Dungeon can interact with their friends joining them for team dungeon runs, guild wars, as well as planting and harvesting crops to help them in their future adventures. During August players will be able to earn increased rewards when harvesting plants with their guildmates.

Players can earn increased AFK rewards, daily login rewards, unlock the Brave Pass, and earn increased harvesting rewards for the entire month of August in Brave Dungeon.

A list of features include:

  • Collect over 200 heroes with 4 different classes and 6 factions.
  • Classic rogue-lite dungeon crawls.
  • Strategic auto-chess mode.
  • Deploy your team of heroes in auto battler mode to earn rewards in idle play.
  • Explore over 500 maps.
  • Play with friends using the guild and real-time social systems.
  • Battle with other guilds for lands and resources.
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