Brimstone Sands Update Now Live in New World

Amazon Games has released New World’s biggest update since launch – Brimstone Sands! Adventurers will journey to the new zone, challenge new bosses and enemies, and more.

  • Brimstone Sands Zone: Brimstone Sands is a new zone unlike anything else in Aeternum. This unique area features remnants of an Egyptian kingdom following a war with the Ancients thousands of years ago. Look forward to new enemies to fight, a new territory to control, and new stories to uncover.
  • Revamped Starting Experience: Players can now experience the complete redesign of the first 25 levels of New World. Players who start the game or roll a new character will experience brand-new stories and quests. Quest flow through zones has been optimized, and a variety of new quest dynamics have been added, along with new enemies, points of interest, and challenges.
  • Ennead Expedition: Players must challenge the Corrupted Legion head-on and delve into Ancient Ruins where they will face the vigilant Anubian Guardians and solve hieroglyphic puzzles to achieve new power.
  • Greatsword Weapon: The update also introduces a new weapon – the powerful Greatsword. This two-handed blade utilizes stances to adapt to different situations and includes two Weapon Skill Trees – Onslaught and Defiance.
  • Heartgem Abilities: Adventurers can now further customize their playstyle through Heartrune Abilities, including Detonante, Grasping Vines, and more.

As a reminder, New World’s Fresh Start servers will be available Wednesday, November 2nd. For those who are new to the world of Aeternum or have not played in a while, now is a great time to revisit New World.

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