Bring Down A Faceless Evil Corporation By Joining The Rebellion

SteamCity Chronicles: Rise Of The Rose available on STEAM™ is a groundbreaking turn-based strategy game telling the gripping story of the daring rebellion of Sophie von Eschenbach, the ‘Rose of Freedom’ who is up against a faceless organization from the East known as the Yamagami corporation. Today, Kolonenberg is a dystopian nightmare after 80 terrible years of oppression, but things are about to change… Combining a compelling story with stunningly beautiful SteamPunk environments, heavily influenced by Japanese culture, SteamCity will inspire and challenge you to join and lead the upcoming rebellion.

SteamCity was inspired by the popular Magic Reality figurines of the same name and is a turn-based strategy offering you to play as the heroic Sophie von Eschenbach and her rebel alliance, or play on the side of the powerful, but faceless Yamagami Corporation. Once you have chosen your character, you can control them to move, run, scan the environment, place a sentry or open fire on an opponent. Each character within the game is an integral part of the overall experience and each will have their own part to play in the struggle for victory. You can play the story from level to level, using the important skill tree to train and assemble your team. You can find civilian rebels and they can join you in your cause. There is no time limit when taking turn which allows for more in-depth and calculated decisions that encourage strategy and planning. You may position your forces to outflank the enemy or use natural chokepoints for ambushes. Zoom to examine the battlefield and opponent forces. Missions are many and may include destroying specific buildings or to assassinate a certain enemy leader. Units have a limited number of action-turns and some playable characters are capable of more actions than regular units. Special units will also have abilities that others lack.


  • Steampunk overdosed with Japanese subculture
  • Story-Mode
  • 8 levels
  • 20 playable characters
  • Classic tabletop gaming reinvented
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