Brook Launches Cute New witch Wireless Controllers

Fresh & Lovely. Capture Gamers’ Hearts. Splendid and Appealing Colors.‧Various Functions All in One!

Brook officially launched a wireless controller for Switch: Vivid. It features a multi-functional button design and a cozy ergonomic design integrated with the three main elements: Warmth, Loveliness, and Vividness. Its lovely style and refreshing colors are the highlights of its design. In addition to Switch, it also supports playing games on PC and smartphones. What’s more, a smartphone stands for playing games is exclusively included in the package for free. A single controller with multipurpose uses makes it more convenient to play games. Brook Vivid with thump grips package is now on the market at a retail price of USD $40.

Switch has been enjoying extremely high popularity ever since it was launched. In a short time, it has ranked among the top three bestseller of home consoles. However, the only fly in the ointment is the comfort and operability of Joy-Con while using it, which is frequently criticized by players and even brings negative gaming experiences. In view of the disadvantage, Brook has thrown themselves into the development of controllers to comprehensively support Switch players. And yet, this new controller differs from the legit image of ordinary video games. It starts from the concept of co-play fun while its style and colors combine with the fun atmosphere granted by Switch. The color of Aqua Blue and Sunshine Yellow is thus selected. Besides male players, it’s also handy for female players and children. The controller adopts the ergonomic design featuring steadiness and easy-to-grip; in the meantime, it greatly improves the comfort level while using. Players no longer get aching after playing with it for a long time and can have great fun playing games.

Apart from the eye-catching style, its full functions are also regarded as a major feature of Vivid’s. With the wireless controller, players are able to play games at their pleasure. What’s more, the Marco function records complicated button combinations and achieves movements with one click. It helps a lot to complete boring routine tasks and to use the characters’ ultimate moves. Shoot, the high-efficiency shooting mode, makes it possible for players to adjust the aiming sensitivity based on their own conditions to optimize the shooting efficiency. Moreover, it includes a three-stage Turbo button for burst firing, auto awake and a four-stage vibration adjustment, all of which are very useful functions on the controller. Also, the battery life of Vivid is powerful, enabling players to play games for more than 10 hours. With both lovely style and comprehensive functions, Vivid can meet various requirements of diverse consumers.

Get tired of monotonous controller? The warm style design and comprehensive functions of Brook Vivid knock your socks off. Its freshness and loveliness successfully capture players’ hearts.

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