Brook Rolls Out Ra1ution 2 Racing Steering Wheel Adaptor

Brook will launch a new Racing steering wheel adaptor: “Ra1ution 2” on 4/15.

Ra1ution 2 is fully compatible with next-generation consoles: PS5, XSX, Switch, PS4, and PS3, and support most steering wheels on the market with continuously improved compatibility.

The steering wheels and fighting sticks for PS4 and Xbox One remain compatible with next-generation consoles. An earlier generation of steering wheels is no longer supported. It costs gamers a fortune to enjoy the realistic experience on masterpiece games like “Gran Turismo 7” on PS5 and “Forza Motorsport: Horizon 5” on XSX. A full set of racing gear, including the steering wheel, frame, chair, and screens, occupies a significant space to build up. Brook’s Ras1ution 2 racing wheel adaptor is the perfect solution for gamers to play racing games across the latest consoles.

Support most steering wheels on the market with continuously improved compatibility.

Ras1ution series supports most of the racing steering wheels on the market, including but not limited to Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, HORI, Microsoft, and more. In addition, Brook also achieves compatibility through the collaboration with high-end direct drive manufacturers Moza and Simagic.

Ras1ution has been upgraded 8 times since its debut in 2020, with added support on more than 20 racing wheels. Players can enjoy PC racing games, Gran Turismo 7 on PS5, and Mario Kart 8 on Nintendo Switch with the same top-tier MOZA R21 direct drive wheelbase. The newly launched Ras1ution 2 can perfectly support the PS5. For the gamers who already had the PS5, they can directly choose the Ras1ution 2 to get a higher-level racing experience.

Brook keeps on developing new steering wheel supports for Ras1ution and Ras1ution 2, including the latest Fanatec D Pro, Thrustmaster T-GT II, and Simagic. More gamers will be benefited from the firmware upgrade to enjoy more fun in racing games.

Intuitive gaming controls in every detail, perfectly conquer every corner the way you want, no matter F1 or Mario Kart.

Ras1ution completely revolutionizes your steering wheel experience! Ras1ution enables players to adjust the steering wheel settings directly using its companion app through Bluetooth connection. Players can intuitively adjust the feedback, and control the sensitivity of the steering wheel via the Turn Setting on different consoles, games, and even tracks. Players can unlimitedly save their own Turn Setting. Whether you drive on the racing tracks in the F1 series games that require detailed precision control, or the entertaining Mario Kart series that require you to make turns, Ras1ution can undoubtedly assist you to conquer every track.

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