Buckle Up Racers! Funbox Media Announce Console Publishing Deal for Classic Racers Elite

International publisher Funbox Media Ltd has recently revealed an exciting global publishing deal with developer Vision Reelle for their upcoming game, Classic Racers Elite. Set to release this summer, the game will be available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, both digitally and as a physical boxed edition in various territories, including EU, ANZ, SA, and ME.

Classic Racers Elite takes players back to the golden age of 60s rally car racing with its pure time-attack gameplay. The objective is simple but thrilling: start at the bottom of a hill and race to the top as quickly as possible. The game captures the essence of the era, delivering a no-nonsense, traditional racing experience that focuses solely on the joy of racing itself.

Unlike many modern racing games, Classic Racers Elite keeps things straightforward by eliminating car customization, tuning options, social features, and open-world exploration. Instead, it emphasizes the fundamental elements of racing, allowing players to enjoy the pure thrill of competing against the clock and striving for the fastest times.

The new “Elite” version of Classic Racers introduces time attack modes on race tracks, offering a comprehensive experience of vintage driving. Players can relish the satisfaction of surpassing their own records and competing against other racers worldwide, thanks to the cross-platform global leaderboards available on multiple tracks.

Classic Racers Elite features a SimCade physics engine that provides authentic car handling while maintaining a straightforward approach to player controls. The game offers a range of iconic cars from the 60s, divided into four categories, spanning from smaller rally cars to the mighty beasts of Formula 1. With 12 championships and a total of 50 tracks (including reversed, segmented, and slalom variations) spread across 17 unique locations, the game promises ample content to keep players engaged.

In addition to the main championship races, Classic Racers Elite offers Free Run and Time Attack modes, allowing players to practice their skills and improve their times on the global leaderboards. The gameplay is thoughtfully balanced, gradually introducing players to simpler cars in the early championships and then ramping up the challenge with more powerful machines as they progress.

Classic Racers Elite will launch this summer for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, granting racing enthusiasts the opportunity to immerse themselves in the thrilling world of 60s rally car racing. Whether you prefer digital or physical copies, the game will be available through the respective digital stores and as a boxed retail edition in select territories, including EU, ANZ, SA, and ME. Prepare to rev your engines and embrace the adrenaline-fueled joy of classic racing!

PlayStation: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

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