Build Your A-Team recruit and deploy in Glory Ridge

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Mobile MMO strategy game Glory Ridge is heading from strength to strength in its ongoing beta phase. Developers Oasis Games are hard at work on taking player feedback and making changes to the game to improve the game for all of its players.


To succeed in defending your city from would be attackers or ensuring victory when conquering others, building and fielding the right troops is crucial. There are three main troop types in Glory Ridge, Fighter, Assassin, and Ranged. Each unit type has specific advantages and disadvantages over another.


Units can be recruiting from their class barracks and as players level up, you’ll gain access to different recruitable units and of course, more powerful ones. Fighters, for example, start with peasants but can level up to recruit the powerful knights. The game contains multiple upgrades for basic units and as players grow more powerful and unlock their improved variants, any basic unit is automatically upgraded.


With a diverse roster of units, each with unique stats, abilities, and roles in combat. Players must field their best to overcome difficult challenges. Players may create teams with each of their available heroes leading the troops, allowing players to deploy multiple armies and complete several tasks at once or launch a devastating attack on a single foe.



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