Starting today (March 12) on PlayStation®4, the Shamrock & Awe festivities have begun with an emphasis on green, gold, more green, and goodies galore!

There’s a charm or two just for showing up to Shamrock & Awe; you’re given the ‘Precious’ gesture and an animated calling card immediately available to anyone logging on that can be redeemed with Blackjack in the Black Market. Also in the Black Market, find the Shamrock Bundle; ten crates, the ‘Glorious Day’ gesture (complete with triple rainbow!), themed warpaint, and a “Luck of the Irish” Jump Pack; use the wingsuit like the other themed packs; to ensure the road rises up to meet you with minimal face-planting.

New Blackout Content: Were you worried that the Blackout landscape wasn’t looking green enough? Don’t be: Aside from the spring colors affecting almost all the foliage, the Shamrock & Awe event changes all smoke to an attractive green color. Whether you’re lobbing a grenade or looking for a supply drop, expect a vibrant new hue to all your favorite smoke effects! Not only that, but supply drop boxes get a shamrock-themed makeover too.

You also might want to start searching for magical bronze pot hidden throughout the Blackout map; destroying these, rewards you with a Pot of Gold’s worth of paint cans!

Leprechaun magic is on show in random locations throughout the map as well; Homunculus Leprechauns to be precise: These noisy, bearded imps dance and grant wishes; dropping a wide variety of goodies if you give them a poke, so engage them before your enemies do.

Need even more green? Then engage the emerald-eyed undead for a host of special prizes!


Zombies Additions: Now less of a wonder weapon, and more of a red-bearded leprechaun with a top hat and bad attitude, the Homunculus transformation for this event is one of the additions in Zombies mode. The other involves encountering zombies sporting a distinctly different hue around their sunken eyeballs. What rewards do they offer? It’s a “mystery”!

Multiplayer: The multiplayer mode formerly known as Fracture is back and better than ever! Now known as Stockpile, enemies drop shamrocks (or dog tags once Shamrock & Awe is over), which you need to gather and place into your rainbow-filled Pots of Gold (or deposit sites). Expect this mode to continue once the festivities have come to an end.

Log on now to participate in the Shamrock & Awe revelry today (March 12) before the shenanigans come to a close on March 26 (PS4). Other platforms to follow. Good luck and sláinte mhaith!

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