Call of Duty: Mobile Reveals ‘Season 4: Spurned and Burned’

Season 4: Spurned and Burned Brings a Wild West Theme to Call of Duty: Mobile on Wednesday, May 26th, 2021.

Players with an itchy trigger finger can test their quick-draw skills in an updated version of the 1v1 Duel mode, show their true grit with this season’s updated Multiplayer Mode, Capture the Gold, or battle it out on Dome, a new map from Modern Warfare 3.

A high plains drifter’s ace in the hole might be one of the two new functional weapons, the versatile Holger 26 (along with a new Mythic version) or the MK2 marksman rifle, plus 50 tiers of rewards in this season’s battle pass, including Wild West-themed characters, weapons and more.

Season 4 highlights:

  • ​Clan Wars – With this brand-new competitive event that runs alongside each Ranked Series, players can progress to the top of the leaderboard through a series of events to capture nodes. Each week, clans compete against 5 other clans for a chance to earn prizes, including a clan currency which they use to acquire special items in the clan store.
  • Ranked Season 2
    • Ranked Season 2 – Players who want even more of a challenge can participate in the new ranked season.
  • New Multiplayer Modes
    • “1v1 Duel” – A new optimized version of 1v1 Duel available for a limited time (May 26th, 2021) with unlimited bullets set in a western theme. Players can also use operator skills on scorestreaks in a featured showdown event.
    • “Capture the Gold”– Available for a limited time, this mode puts a Wild West spin on Capture the Flag by requiring players to grab gold instead.
  • Marquee Event – In “High Noon Chase,” players form a posse to track down a stagecoach full of bank robbers in this no escape chase, unlocking nodes, and earning XP and themed rewards along the way. This seasonal event will be launching later in the season on June 11.
  • Weapon Balancing – The team has launched an exhaustive weapon balance pass with this update based on feedback from the community. Many different weapons across all categories, including NA-45, QXR, HBRa3, and Man-O-War, have been adjusted for the benefit of all players.
  • World Championship 2021 – The first round of the WC 2021 begins on June 3rd 2021.

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