Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Season 03 Introduces Black Gold and Pelayo’s Lighthouse Maps

Black Gold Map

Prepare for nighttime operations as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Season 03 introduces the Black Gold map, a nighttime raid at the Rohan Oil refinery based on the Rohan Oil section of Al Mazrah. This Core Map represents a critical strategic location for both KorTac and SpecGru, setting the stage for intense gameplay.

Spawn Points and Route Planning

The Black Gold map is divided into five main sections: Security Gate, Chimneys, Main Warehouse, Train Docks, and Backlot. The spawn points are located at the KorTac Spawn Zone (West) – Security Gate and the SpecGru Spawn Zone (East) – Backlot.

Each section of the map offers unique challenges and strategic opportunities for players. In the Security Gate area, players will find more open ground and fewer objects for cover, with the Cargo Dock being a hot point of contention. The Chimneys section offers multiple climbing opportunities and height advantages, including running along the top of the wall connecting the Middle and East Chimney. Inside the Main Warehouse, players will find motion sensors that turn on lights when detecting nearby movement, with Chem Drop-Off on its west end and Chem Lab on its east end. The Train Docks section is a narrow combat zone with a burning train, and the Backlot area features parked vehicles and small offices, favoring close- to mid-range combat.

Recruit, Veteran, and Prestige Tactics

Players can employ various tactics depending on their skill level. Recruits can focus on checking buildings with the Spotter Bonus Perk and using the top-level break-in technique for a more dramatic entrance. Veterans can use the Recon Drone Field Upgrade to gather intel on enemies, especially around the chimneys, and use creative ways to go over obstacles like climbing up and over the Control Room. Prestige players can crouch under motion sensors to avoid detection and find alternative routes to objectives, such as using Tactical Sprint to dash along the wall that’s just out of bounds.

Objective Routes and Rotations

Different game modes like Domination, Search & Destroy, and Hardpoint offer various objective routes and rotations for players. In Domination, players can focus on capturing and holding either the A and C flags or the B flag in the Chem Lab. In Search & Destroy, nighttime operations add a new layer of tactical play with multiple strategies for attacking and defending, such as making a fake play toward A only to swing back around to B. In Hardpoint, the five objective locations provide ample opportunities for players to learn the map and adapt their strategies accordingly, with locations moving from the upper level of the Main Warehouse to the Side Warehouse, Server Room, West Chimney, and eastern Offices.

Pelayo’s Lighthouse Map

Pelayo’s Lighthouse is a new multiplayer map set on a small, rugged island featuring a lighthouse that guides ships through a stormy night. This map arrives with the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Season 03. Players battle in uneven terrain and can seek shelter in the Main Building, located at the center of the island. Scattered maintenance buildings across the map offer vantage points and potential hiding spots for players.

Spawn Points:

  1. KorTac Spawn Zone (South) — Boat Landing
    • Amphibious assault via the southern Boat Landing
    • Bunker nearby provides brief respite from the storm
    • Operators can move north to the enemy spawn, taking the coastal path towards the Main Building or the Docks
  2. SpecGru Spawn Zone (North) — Helipad
    • Forces descend onto the northern Helipad via helicopter
    • Both sides will head towards the central Main Building and Docks
    • Operators with SMGs and Shotguns can set up inside the Main Building
    • Long-ranged combat can be engaged behind the rowboat on the coastal path north of the Docks

Map Sections:

  1. Boat Landing
    • Rocky southern portion with open, uneven ground
    • Three enclosed spaces: Bunker, Water Storage, Antenna
    • Eastern Ruins provide a power position over the Docks
  2. Main Building
    • Three explorable levels with multiple entry and exit points
    • Kitchen, office, living room, central staircase, loft, two bedrooms, underground cellar, bar, and laundry room
  3. Docks
    • Shipwreck off the coast
    • Open environment with toolshed and large wooden crates for cover
  4. Helipad
    • Old Shed and Workshop cover the northern portion
    • Sloping angle and rocky outcrops provide cover opportunities



  • Combine Overkill Base Perk and Fast Hands Bonus Perk for rapid weapon swapping and quick reloading
  • Use Drill Charges in enclosed power positions like Water Storage, Antenna, Old Shed, and Workshop


  • Use Spotter Scope Tactical Equipment to track down enemy Operators
  • Focus on recon and ground-based streaks, such as Cluster Mines, Sentry Guns, and Bomb Drones


  • Swim around enemies for a stealthier approach
  • Use Birdseye Ultimate Perk for a larger minimap and better enemy movement insights

Objective Routes and Rotations:

  1. Domination
    • Battle for the B flag in the Main Building’s living room
    • Consider capturing the enemy’s spawn flag to pull them away from the central location
  2. Search & Destroy
    • A Bomb Site at the Docks, B Bomb Site in the rear office of the Main Building
    • Attacking team starts at the Helipad, defending team starts outside the southern Bunker
    • Use Snapshot Grenades to pinpoint enemies within the Main Building
  3. Hardpoint
    • Initial objective in the Main Building’s living room
    • Remaining objectives: Docks, Helipad, southern Bunker, shipwreck off the western coast
    • Be mindful of timing when battling for the Helipad Hardpoint

Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Microsoft Windows

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