Call of Duty Zombie Ray Gun Replica Now Available for Pre-Order

Activision has announced the release of a new Call of Duty Zombie Ray Gun Replica, which is now available for pre-order on the Call of Duty Shop for $600. The Ray Gun is a well-known wonder weapon from the mystery box in Call of Duty’s Zombie mode and has become a prominent symbol throughout the Call of Duty franchise.

Fans of the Call of Duty games can now add this premium replica, complete with a Mystery Box case, to their collection as a standout piece. The Call of Duty Shop also offers more Zombie Ray Gun-themed collectibles and merchandise, including a Call of Duty Ray Gun LED Lamp, a Call of Duty Yellow Ray Gun T-Shirt, and a Call of Duty Black Ray Gun T-Shirt.

Call of Duty Zombie Ray Gun Replica Details:

The Ray Gun, fueled by mystical technology, has been a staple in Call of Duty’s Zombie mode, allowing players to take out multiple zombies at once and progress through rounds of zombie extermination.

Product Specifications:

  • Material/Fabrication: The Ray Gun replica is made of 100% PU, while the Mystery Box case is 100% Polyresin.
  • Product Weight Unpackaged: 5.2 kg
  • Product Weight Packaged: 6.9 kg
  • Product Dimensions Unpackaged: 48 x 44 x 16 cm
  • Product Dimensions Packaged: 60 x 54 x 23 cm

The Call of Duty Zombie Ray Gun Replica offers fans a unique opportunity to own a piece of Call of Duty history while showcasing their dedication to the popular franchise.

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