Capcom Introduces Latest DLC Mission of Ruin in TEPPEN

Today the Goddess Myria returns to TEPPEN with the latest card pack “Mission of Ruin”—the start of a climactic trilogy featuring characters from the Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Mega Man, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter series, and more.

The Goddess Myria offers salvation to the human race with the “Land of Light,” a world that allows them to abandon their physical bodies and live forever as souls. In order to spread her message of salvation, the Goddess contacts individuals with great influence to become her missionaries and “Guardians.”

Mega Man X: Command Mission’s Epsilon, Monster Hunter Explore’s Juno, Resident Evil 4’s Saddler, and Sengoku Basara’s Xavi join Myria as her Guardians and are given Mind-Control Stones to convert people. The Mind-Control Stones, when pressed upon a person’s forehead, release their soul, and their bodies are left behind to be controlled by the Guardians or the Goddess.

To celebrate the beginning of this three-part saga, TEPPEN is hosting a variety of events players will find divine. Right now, players can log in for an anniversary bonus and 10 free “Mission of Ruin” Pack tickets. The heavenly time continues with in-game Soul Missions and Special Missions, a new Chronicle stage, plus sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.This card pack will introduce a new ability called: Upon dying, give 1 random Unit Card within your hand or EX Pocket +1/+1. If there are no Unit Cards within your hand or EX Pocket, this effect does not activate.

New Cards and Music
For your decks, you need to gather fighters faithful to your cause. New cards such as the Purple card ‘Dante,’ Black card ‘Faithful Shadow Decapre,’ Red card ‘Leon S. Kennedy,’ and Green card ‘Cammy,’ are prepared to fight for what they believe in. Here’s a look at ‘Dante’:

  • Type: Unit
  • Tribe: Human, Demon
  • MP: 9
  • Attack: 4
  • HP: 7
  • Doubles attack gauge speed.
  • While in your hand or EX Pocket: When a friendly Human unit or friendly Demon unit dies, give this Unit Card -1 MP. (MP costs cannot drop below 1.)

Supplemental Cards for “Mission of Ruin” will be added in December. They are exchangeable cards exclusively available in the Point Match Reward Exchange or Soul Shop. They cannot be obtained from card packs. Additionally, new music can be found in the Soul Shop:

  • “Queer Structure” from Resident Evil
  • “Bury the Light” from Devil May Cry 5

The “The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni” card set rotates out of Standard Mode with the introduction of “Mission of Ruin.” The following card sets are no longer allowed in Standard Mode:

  • The Devils Awaken
  • The Force Seekers
  • Haunted by Memories
  • Adventures of a Tiny Hero
  • The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni
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