Captain America (Sam Wilson) & Misty Knight Heading to Marvel Contest of Champions

Beginning a new era for The Contest, Kabam premiered an all-new Champion Reveal Trailer for MARVEL Contest of Champions, setting the stage for the looming peril threatening The Battlerealm.

Captain America, aka Sam Wilson, has contacted The Summoner in order to round up survivors and lead them to an old Helicarrier captained by the venerable Misty Knight. With Villains and Heroes aboard, Misty intends to build a neutral community called Safe Haven, a place for those who wish to escape the Galactus Threat. However, not everyone is on board with the idea and begins to plot a mutiny, forcing both Sam and Misty into a difficult moral quandary.

Sam Wilson, formerly known as the Falcon, took the mantle of Captain America when his friend and mentor Steve Rogers went into retirement. At first, Sam gave the Shield away, believing that the legacy belonged to Steve alone, but when world peace and stability were threatened by Super Soldiers, he decided to accept the title of Captain America and make a stand for what he believed was right!

Expert detective and veteran of the toughest streets of New York, Mercedes “Misty” Knight is joining the contest to bring justice through any means necessary. After losing her arm in an incident while working with the NYPD Bomb Squad, Misty was gifted a cybernetic replacement from the one and only Tony Stark. This powerful prosthetic, made of Antarctic Vibranium, carries the ability to harness cryogenic energy and liquefy all but the strongest of metals. With these new powers, Misty has dedicated her life to taking down the most dangerous criminals across the globe!

Both characters will arrive in the game in February and fans can now check out Captain America (Sam Wilson) & Misty Knight in the all-new Champion Trailer – Safe Haven.

Also, coming this February, a new show is set to premiere on the Mojo Network! Tune in every week to complete new quests and earn Mojo Bucks to spend in the Mojo Television Network Store.

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