Cassie Lang and Ant-Man Enter MARVEL Contest of Champions in Latest Update

Today, Kabam’s mobile fighter Marvel Contest of Champions debuted all-new Pymed out content inspired by the upcoming Marvel Studios film “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.” The Champion Reveal trailer–Pym There, Done That!–introduces two new Champions coming to the mobile fighter – Cassie Lang, inspired by Quantumania, and comic book-inspired Ant-Man (Future). With over 200 Champions in The Contest, players can also add other legendary Marvel characters to their roster from the Quantum Realm including Wasp, Kang the Conqueror, and more!

Big trouble is brewing in this little corner of The Battlerealm, but luckily Ant-Man is here to investigate along with his Daughter, Cassie Lang! Pym Labs and the Quantum Realm are in danger, and a strange visitor from the future is claiming to be an Ant-Man who has arrived to help! Will Cassie find a friend or foe in this family bonding time gone wrong?


Cassie Lang is a little girl doing big things in the Contest! As the daughter of the Ant-man, she has access to revolutionary Pym Particle Technology. Cassie’s specialized Pym Suit allows her to grow and shrink in size to deal big damage whenever her opponent thinks they’ve got Cassie underneath their boot!

Dr. Zayn Asghar is an Ant-Man of the future and the brilliant inventor of the nano-ant swarm, microbots created to restore the collapsing climate. With the help of Doctor Doom’s Time Platform, a troupe of Ant-Men, and Zayn’s unceasing determination, his voyage through time may be the key to ending the global crisis of Zayn’s timeline.

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