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Hero Syndrome: Surface Preview | PC/Xbox/PS4 | Competitive Multiplayer

The game is Hero Syndrome. It is a story-driven puzzle platformer with building mechanics (and rocket jumping, the best mechanic, of course). Surface is a special mode in Hero Syndrome. It also has...

Hardspace: Shipbreaker -Fire

PSA: Space cutters will be held accountable for all damaged material, and in the event of death, additional cloning.

Crying Suns | Mobile Announcement Trailer

Available on iOS and Android on June 25, 2020! A tactical rogue-lite that puts you in the role of a space fleet commander as you explore a mysteriously fallen empire. In this story-rich experience ...

The Wizards – Dark Times | Launch Trailer

Face the end of the world in the sequel to The Wizards. The critically acclaimed VR spellcaster returns with a gesture-based system, challenging enemies, grand adventure, and the ever-witty narrator. ...

Wreckfest – Tournament Update June 2020

Celebrate the start of Wreckfest's new Tournament season with an explosive new game mode. Race against the clock to win an exclusive car and more. Lose and you get to pick up what's left of your ca...

Ninja Simulator – Announcement Trailer

Ninja Simulator is an action-adventure stealth game, which takes place in feudal Japan. You will play as a mercenary hired for missions of infiltration, espionage and elimination. Your actions will st...

New standard garage “New Dawn” / Crossout

The “New Dawn” farm once fed neighbouring towns but was empty long before Crossout. The documents only had several pieces of information, but they were enough to help anyone understand — not all meat ...

BLACKWOOD — Storyline trailer

The confrontation between Warface and Blackwood is long and bloody one. What dark secrets does it hold? How to separate good from evil? Learn the truth in what seems to be the final showdown. The choi...

Rock of Ages 3 – Open Beta Trailer

Let there be boulder! The Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break Open Beta will be available on June 9th on Steam, and June 23rd on Xbox One and PS4.

‘Doomsday Cars’ update / Crossout

Welcome all to the update 0.11.40 “Doomsday cars”! Join the new season and complete special challenges to get the cabins of legendary rarity and other unique parts from our new heroes!

Winter Resort Simulator Add-on TechnoAlpin Pack | Official Trailer | Aerosoft

The Winter Resort Add-on "TechnoAlpin Pack" offers you a variety of new machines, all are realistic replica by TechnoAlpin with original licenses.

Anoki joins AFK Arena!

Welcome Adventurers! Anoki - The Blood Guard is the newest addition to the Mauler faction. See the video to learn about his unique skills on the battlefield. He'll definitely be a great advantage in ...

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