Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age – PC Review

Dragon Quest XI is another tale in the Dragon Quest Series and like its predecessors follows a unique formula that Square Enix fans have come to love. The game is straight forward for the JRPG series ...

9.4 Amazing 9.7 Amazing User Avg

Battlerite Royale – PC Review

What’s that? Yet another player in the battle-royale experience you say? That’s right. So, what sets Battlerite Royale apart from the other representatives of the genre? Let’s discuss. Ever since thos...

5.3 Average 5.7 Average User Avg

Two Point Hospital – Review

Welcome to the anticipated release of the hospital tycoon style game that is Two Point Hospital. Developed by Two Point Studios and published by Sega, this game is a highly anticipated release as ther...

9.2 Amazing 9.3 Amazing User Avg

Fear The Wolves – PC Review

Fear the Wolves, published by Focus Home Interactive and developed by Vostok Games, is another game to jump onto the battle royale format while trying to throw their own touch at it. Is that touch eno...

6.8 Fair 6.9 Fair User Avg

Yakuza Kiwami 2 – PS4 Review

A year has passed since the Kamurochu incident in Tokyo, where our hero Kazuma Kiryu lost the three people he cared about most and left the Yakuza in order to watch over his new adopted daughter, Haru...

9.2 Amazing 9.4 Amazing User Avg

Unknown Fate – PC Review

Unknown Fate is an immersive narrative-driven puzzle adventure made by indie developer Marslit Games and published by 1C Company. This PC title is designed to be played with a variety of input options...

6.8 Fair 6.9 Fair User Avg

Dustwind – PC Review

The year is 2075. Humanity has been reduced to five percent of its population after a war with the machines. Only the strongest, most badass and edgiest of people have survived the slaughter. Dustwind...

6.7 Fair 6.9 Fair User Avg

The Universim – PC Review

If you’re like me and are looking to boost your God complex, The Universim, developed and published by Crytivo Games, could be the game for you. The Universim is a God sim, allowing you, the Lord Almi...

8.8 Great 8.2 Great User Avg

Hero Defense – PC Review

Hero Defense, a unique take on the tower defense genre, was released by developers Happy Tuesday on May 31st 2018. While not a “pure” tower defense adventure, this game has many different ...

7 Good 7.3 Good User Avg

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