The Fall Switch Review

In The Fall you play as an A.I. combat suit named ARID that has crash landed on an unknown planet.  The human inside ARID is dying and it’s your job to get them to medical and save them. Solve mind be...

8 Great 7.7 Good User Avg

Lake Ridden

Lake ridden is a first person puzzle driven story driven adventure game from the creators at Midnight Hub, Lake ridden sets you up in a spooky yet stunningly beautiful environment. As you wander aroun...

8.2 Great 7.9 Good User Avg

Wizard of Legend

Wizard of Legend, developed by and published for Steam by Contingent99, is a dungeon exploring game where the levels are randomly generated. Little information is divulged early on about the character...

7.6 Good 7.3 Good User Avg

Death Road to Canada for Nintendo Switch Review

Let’s face it. We all form an opinion of a game based on a few seconds of video, whether it’s of game play or a cutscene. After watching the preview for this game, I immediately knew Death...

7.9 Good 7.9 Good User Avg

Death Road to Canada Review

Death Road to Canada is a game set in post apocalyptic America,  you start out in Florida and your end goal is of course, to get to Canada.  It’s you and a companion up against zombies, bandits, findi...

8.2 Great 7.9 Good User Avg

Gal*Gun 2 – Nintendo Switch Review

Gal*Gun 2 immediately gives me the impression of a harem style anime, which is most usually targeted for members of the opposite gender. I decided to give Gal*Gun 2 a spin and start up a fresh game. W...

7.1 Good 8 Great User Avg

The Wizards VR Review

A high fantasy first-person VR title from Carbon Studio with the player in control of a powerful wizard. The Wizards features an innovative system of casting spells using gestures and a classic fantas...

7.2 Good 6.5 Fair User Avg

Rad Rodgers Review

From the developers of the Duke Nukem series, a retro styled 2.5D platform game about a boy who gets sucked into his game console to ‘restore the Elder Tree as guardian of the land’ Taking its inspira...

6.2 Fair 7 Good User Avg

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Review

Today’s game is going to be a weird one to review. For games where its main selling point is its story you got to talk about elements that worked or what didn’t, usually you must beat the ...

9.2 Amazing 8.3 Great User Avg
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