Celebrate Pride Month, Picard Day, & More in New ‘Star Trek Timelines’ Update

Star Trek Timelines, the popular character collection role-playing game (CCRPG) developed and published by Tilting Point, is celebrating the community and players’ choice throughout June with a player-chosen Mega-Event, Pride Month content and characters, a new Picard Day celebration, and more.

Star Trek, and the values championed in all series throughout the years, continue to inspire us every day. Star Trek fans around the world will undoubtedly relate to this: these values have carried us through various challenges we all faced this past year and change, and have helped us stay the course.

Some of these values such as resilience, inclusivity, friendship, and gratitude will be honored in Star Trek Timelines in June, our players’ choice month. Players’ choice month is a special occasion we look forward to each year, a time where we celebrate how much we value our community of players, and their passion for Star Trek.

Quark has a lead on a potential solution to the temporal anomaly crisis within the Dosi, a business-minded species with brutal negotiation tactics. Quark knows they’re difficult to deal with, but isn’t resolving the crisis worth any price? But do the Dosi actually have a meaningful solution, or are they forcing Starfleet officers to endure harsh conditions and brutal experiences for another reason?

The schedule of events will be as follows:

  • A Good Lead – Galaxy Event – 06/03
  • Playing Hardball – Skirmish Event – 06/10
  • The Spotlight’s Glare – Faction/Galaxy Event – 06/17
  • Fool’s Gold – Faction Event – 06/24

Not to be missed, our new character, Tribble Quark, is an easy-to-achieve recurring event reward across all four events. Players will also encounter various new iterations of existing characters such as Sisko, Jake, Bashir, O’Brien, Kira, and even a new Garak portrayed in a situation very much outside of his comfort zone.

This year players can also look forward to a new celebration: Picard Day!

In Star Trek Timelines the festivities will begin on June 15th, 2021 when we’ll release a brand new version of Jean-Luc Picard, the iconic Captain Picard Day Picard. (tongue twister anyone?)

This new version will be offered to all players as a free giveaway, with the ability to gain additional copies via three temporary achievements.

Last but certainly not least, later this month an update will be released to the game to introduce a new feature, the Celestial Market!

Since the introduction of “crew retrieval,” Timelines players have collected many constellations and polestars which in turn allowed them to retrieve countless characters.

With the celestial market, we’re expanding on that feature by adding the ability to scout the market in search of wanted polestars or to sell any unwanted ones, giving players even more agency to achieve their goals.

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