Celebrating Six Years of Brave Nine: NEOWIZ Introduces New Mercenary, Substory, and Exciting Events

NEOWIZ is gearing up to celebrate the sixth anniversary of its popular title, Brave Nine. The game’s latest update introduces a range of new content designed to delight its players, including a brand-new mercenary, a mythic campaign substory, and unique birthday events.

Iselok, the newly introduced mercenary, joins the Brave Nine lineup as a formidable Templar. Possessing a skill set unlike any other in the game, Iselok wields the two Holy Swords, Jormun and Vanar, in his quest to defend humanity. However, his cherished swords also harbor a dark secret: they are gradually corrupting their wielder. Players will have the opportunity to uncover this compelling tale in the newly added Mythic campaign substory.

In addition to the new mercenary and substory, the update also commemorates Brave Nine’s sixth birthday with a variety of engaging activities that offer impressive rewards for participating players.

  1. The 6th Anniversary Bingo Event: By participating in this event, players can obtain mythic mercenary summon resources and a sacred Orb bundle (A~D).
  2. The 6th Anniversary Log-in Event: This event gifts players a Legendary Companion selection ticket and 6th Anniversary Boxes.
  3. The 6th Anniversary Coupon Event: All players are encouraged to join this exciting coupon event, featuring exclusive in-game rewards.
  4. The Pirate Yuri Annihilation Event: Players who partake in this event can earn a special Yuri School Costume as a prize.

The sixth anniversary of Brave Nine showcases NEOWIZ’s commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences to its community. By introducing new content, characters, and engaging events, the company ensures that Brave Nine continues to captivate its audience and remain a fan-favorite title.

Platforms: iOS, Android

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