Chess Rush Season 1 ‘The Rush Begins’ Arrives With New Characters and 4v4 Mode

Tencent Games has announced today that the first seasonal gameplay for Chess Rush has arrived. ‘The Rush Begins’ will give players the chance to earn daily bonus rewards with the Chess Soul pass. Alongside the arrival of the first season, the brand new Undead heroes Stinger and Gluttony have been revealed as well as new characters and all-new gameboards. As previously teased by Tencent the all-new 4v4 mode ‘Squad Clash’ will also be arriving for players next week. 

During ‘The Rush Begins’, players will be able to earn seasonal daily rewards by logging into the game. Players opting for the Chess Soul pass can earn up to 17 times more rewards when logging in daily for seasonal gameplay. Along with the arrival of season 1 players will also be able to add the latest Undead characters Stinger and Gluttony.

Chess Rush Character

When researching an abandoned relic, Stinger stumbled upon a cloak bearing a rose on its hood. Unaware, Stinger put on the cloak the rose sprung to life and it’s thorns attached to her. The soul within the cloak attached itself to Stinger’s soul and although she tried, she was unable to remove it. Now reawakened, Stinger is no longer living but is also not dead. Players will be able to now add Stinger and Glutton to their epic lineup and unleash them on their opponents on the battlefield. Players will also be able to choose from new characters to represent themselves and command their troops in battle.

Chess Rush

In the coming weeks, players will also be able to team up with even more friends with the release of the 4v4 Squad Clash mode. The new mode will allow players to team up with three of their friends to form their four-person team. Teams will then be matched up against another team of four players from anywhere around the world and will have their strategy and tactical skills put to the test. Only one team in Squad Clash mode will be able to claim victory. Along with the release of Squad Mode players will also be able to do battle on brand new themed game boards.

Chess Rush Maps

Chess Rush is currently available on iOS and Android and is free to play, players can now also play the game on PC by using Gameloop.

A list of features include:

  • Over 50 heroes to choose from to build your ultimate formation
  • Level up heroes by combining three of the same and gain Affinity Bonuses to equip your heroes with items
  • Compete on an 8×8 board
  • Battle against 7 other opponents to be King of the Board
  • Play standard mode or quick 10+ minutes matches in Turbo Mode
  • Compete with your friends and take on other teams in co-op mode
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