‘Chronicle: Unit Eight’ On STEAM™ Challenges You To Take Down A Space Pirate Fleet

Indie game developer and publisher Static City Games is proud to announce the official release of Chronicle: Unit Eight, a 2D top-down vertical shooter with intense action and roguelike elements now available via STEAM™. For the past year Static City Games has polished and perfected the game and you are invited to blast your way through enemies and bosses to ultimately reach and attempt to take down the great Space Pirate in a sea of bullets and explosions.

Chronicle: Unit Eight offers a blast to the past with its fast-paced arcade action. You must sabotage and destroy a secret weapon that a group of renegade Pirates have created to destroy planets; You play the role of Atlas, a mercenary on a mission hired by the Chronicle organization, and if you fail, it will have devastating consequences not only to your crew mates, but to the galaxy.

Chronicle: Unit Eight features a vast perk tree and tons of cool upgrades for your ship through modifications. After each run, you can improve your weapons and defensive maneuvers for the ultimate chance of survival. Inspired by classics such as Raiden® and Ikaruga®, fans of vertical shooters are in for a thrill; Collect scraps that fall off enemy ships as you play to upgrade your ship for better performance, and discover the many secrets hidden throughout the game. An epic showdown awaits only the most skilled and trigger-happy pilots with a steady hand and quick reflexes. You can even destroy incoming enemy bullets and try your luck in Boss Rush mode or aim for topping the Leaderboard charts in Arcade mode.


  • 6+ bosses to encounter through procedural generation and random events!
  • 15+ enemies to fight on your way to the pirate base in Galaxy 9!
  • A massive 300+ node perk tree!
  • A full high-score leaderboard in a dedicated Arcade Mode!
  • 6+ powerups to find and unlock!
  • A 16-Wave Boss Rush mode to really challenge your concentration!
  • An Original Soundtrack composed by Christoph Gray, the composer behind Knightfall, Life & Debt and Fates of Ort!
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