THE CHRONICLES OF NYANYA: Main characters and new teaser revealed as the game nears it’s release!

Fat Dog Games, an indie games publisher from Poland, has revealed a sneak peak of the game’s main characters: Catair “Sharp Claw” Meowchiha, Francat Furzinger, Purrgil son of Purrin and more! The game also got a new teaser before the November 17th release.

One might get the wrong impression that Catair “Sharp Claw” Meowchiha is a professional looser, but no – she is a catssassin of the Order of the Moving Red Dot. Her claws bring havoc, terror and high damage.  She has joined the team for an internship in adventourism.

Experienced by getting fat and fluffy, Francat Furzinger is a clericat of the Goddess of the Great Bowl of Goodness. He can summon godly powers from healing-petting psalms to ravaging slipper comets.

He’s a fanatic of magical artifacts and consequently purrsues his aim of cluttering his inventory with legendary items. As a Catnam war veteran, Francat holds the office of the team’s leader.

Bravest and wisest of the Catmeria purriors, Purrgli son of Purrin is known not only for his great deeds, but also for the cover of the “Biceps and Fur” magazine for real tomcats. The might of his blows is only matched by the power of his character.  He dreams that one day his legend will surpass that of his father, but that will be pretty hard, as his father’s legend was a pretty huge legend.

The apprentice of Nyandalf the White, Meowdedore Voldemeow is a meowmage – a padawan of the noble art of wielding the light side of the Yarn Ball of Force. Owner of numerous cool gadgets, with which his disgustingly rich parents try to compensate their lack of attention. Meowdedore likes to show off with his amazing spells, especially with strangers around.

Catniss Everpurr is an archer, she has a bow and arrows. She likes to shoot her arrows and she is the champion of the Goddess of archery, Meowrida the Brave. She was raised by ent-cats, as she is a long-lost princess, but no one knows about that. Catniss treasures friendship. She has a lot of it and she plans to give it all away to everyone, even if they don’t seem interested.

Purrevar Do Meowden is a black cat and a proud prince of Underpurr. He is also a graduate of the Ultimate Villain High, where he got a fluffy certificate in  Nemesis studies. After graduating, he started working as the main purrsuer of Francat’s team. He fights with two scimitars of darkness forged with rap.

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