City-Building Strategy Sim Lords and Villeins Enters Early Access September 30th 2021

Lords and Villeins, a city-building strategy sim where players shape the lives of medieval dynasties from developer Honestly Games and publisher 1C Entertainment, enlists new villagers to forge their path ahead of its Early Access release on Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, and other digital stores starting Thursday, September 30th, 2021. The Early Access price is set at $19.99 USD / €19.99 EUR with a 15% launch discount available during the first week.

Sally forth and build the ultimate medieval society, creating a prosperous land where family trees persist throughout the ages. Levy taxes, manage a complex production system and recruit the bravest warriors in the realm to defend the king’s holdings.

Discover and master the core mechanics present in the Early Access version including more than 90 resources for various productions, nearly 20 different zones and professions, animal husbandry, a plethora of options for customizing the royal family, and a savvy AI that simulates entire peasants’ households simultaneously.

A light-hearted city-building strategy simulation set during medieval times, Lords and Villeins has noblemen and ladies develop family dynasties. Help them evolve and interact while building their homes, farms, and workshops. Assign villagers different tasks, duties, taxes, expand the production chain, train an army for the king, and craft a unique story of a medieval lord.

The Early Access version of Lords and Villeins includes the majority of the core mechanics present in the upcoming 1.0 release including a number of peasant zones and professions to develop production chains of more than 90 resources ranging from food and commodities to building materials and equipment, four domesticated animals to tame and care for, character customization for the ruling family, and highly developed AI capable of simulating whole families of medieval peasants at once.

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