City Bus Manager Makes Its First Stop Into Early Access

Start your bus depot anywhere in the world, build effective routes, cut down on emissions, keep your staff and customers happy and the wheels on the bus going round and round – no breakdowns!

City Bus Manager by bus simulation experts PeDePe and industry veteran publisher Aerosoft is officially out on Steam Early Access for PC tomorrow! Players will be able to purchase a copy of the game here with a one-week 11% discount from its original price of $27,99$.

City Bus Manager enables players to build their own bus company from the ground up, anywhere in the world. With the power of OpenStreetMap, players can choose the exact starting location of their bus depot where they best desire, and are provided with accurate information on visitor hotspots, public amenities, current real-life bus stations, and tourist favorites across the globe.

Invest in your very first bus, hire a driver, set up a ticket office, a staff lounge, parking spaces for your fleet and so much more to make your bus empire venture a profitable, inclusive, and successful one!

With in-depth customization options, players can make their own bus company and branding feel unique and personal to them. The customization also expands into the actual building of the depot, allowing players to choose the layout and infrastructure as they best desire, to benefit customers, staff and the maintenance of the buses, so that everyone stays happy and productive, driving the profits home.

City Bus Manager uses real-life data to simulate passenger behavior in-game, including peak-travel times, exchange of bus routes, and… their mood. Do buses turn up late on a regular basis? Your public reviews are going to hear about it! Adjust your schedules and pay your staff a proper wage, so that buses can be there when most needed, helping to maximize profit whilst keeping customers happy. With all this data in your hands, it’s up to you to see how far your company can grow!

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