Citytopia™ City-Building Simulation Game from Atari® Re-Released on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and Now Available on Android Devices

Atari, one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers, today released an updated version of their exciting city builder and management game Citytopia™ on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and — for the first time — made the game available on Google Play. Citytopia was developed by the studio behind the smash mobile hit RollerCoaster Tycoon® Touch™ and offers players a creative new outlet to build and manage a bustling urban wonderland. 

Welcome to Citytopia, an exciting city tycoon builder and management game with beautiful 3D graphics. As a visionary, you have to prove to the world how to build an amazing city while completing challenging missions. Open card packs to build and upgrade all aspects of your city, from buildings to vehicles. Complete quests and unlock new cards to transform your city into a thriving metropolis!

Key Features:

  • Build an Awe-Inspiring Metropolis: Place a wide variety of buildings, ranging from residential to commercial, and industrial to beautiful parks. Each building added expands your skyline, attracting more citizens to help grow the economy.
  • Take on Challenging Objectives: Complete dynamic missions to level up faster. Send your fleet of trucks and buses on Transportation Quests to earn massive progression boosts.
  • Amass Your Card Collection: Open packs of cards to find and construct rare and epic items such as towering skyscrapers, massive shopping hubs, and more. Free packs appear every day that you play!
  • Make an Impact: Grow your city from a small village to the illustrious rank of Citytopia. Satisfy your citizens in the process, but beware, they aren’t shy to express their thoughts on the town’s state!


“The talented team at Nvizzio Creations has been hard at work bringing our newest mobile builder game Citytopia to Android users today,” said Jean-Marcel Nicolai, Chief Operating Officer, Atari. “Not only is Citytopia now available on an additional platform, thanks to fan feedback since the original iOS launch, but we’ve also greatly improved the gameplay and made changes that prepare us for future free content updates. We look forward to seeing players’ cities thrive!”

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